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So far the biggest criticism of Rep. Jason Chaffetz's campaign to become House speaker comes from the man who gave Chaffetz his start in politics — Jon Huntsman.

Utah's former governor took to Twitter late Monday, weighing in on the leadership race between House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., and Huntsman's former chief of staff.

Here's what he wrote:


Huntsman declined to elaborate about what being "Chaffetzed" means and Chaffetz had no interest in responding to the out-of-character jab from Huntsman, a renowned diplomat.

But this is far from the first sign of a frayed relationship.

Chaffetz lasted less than a year as Huntsman's chief of staff, getting pushed out because he irritated state lawmakers.

But from Huntsman's perspective, the big slight came during the 2012 presidential contest, when Chaffetz endorsed Mitt Romney over his former boss, a story that embarrassed Huntsman.

(Shameless plug warning!) You can read all about the Huntsman-Chaffetz-Romney dynamic in The Salt Lake Tribune's book "Mormon Rivals."

— Matt Canham