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On Veterans Day we as Americans honor our vets. We as a society say all the right words, but our actions are less genuine. We thank the vet for his service, but turn our back on helping them when they return from combat.

For too many years, vets, have to resort to using veteran-only facilities to get medical help. This has been antiquated for too many years. Vets have already sacrificed. They should not have to pass through hoops in order to get medical attention, and prescription drugs. Which means waiting in long lines, just as they had to do while on active duty.

If we want to change how the VA works, then we need to insist on our politicians restructuring the VA. That means issuing medical cards to all vets who can use the cards at most medical facilities across this country, instead of limiting them to VA facilities only. Until we practice what we preach, we will be nothing more than a second-rate nation, with first-class military personnel, who deserve more for their sacrifices.

Charles Glaser

West Valley City