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In the parlance of Second Amendment fans, two good guys with guns stopped three robbery suspects from getting away with crime in Cedar City.

However, that warning shot one of the firearm-toting duo snapped off? Probably not the best idea.

Cedar City police were dispatched to the Suds & Duds Laundromat 4 p.m. Thursday to find the business owner and another man holding two men and woman at gunpoint. The suspects were taken into custody, and then officers began to unravel the details.

It turned out that the laundromat's owner had been in a back office, watching video surveillance cameras, when one of the men and the woman began prying open a coin machine. The owner armed himself with a handgun and went out to confront the suspects. When told to stop, the male suspect allegedly moved in on the owner, who fired once into a wall as warning.

Undeterred, the suspect closed the distance and grappled with the owner, the altercation spilling outside the business and onto a sidewalk. The suspect then broke loose, and he and his female accomplice got into a nearby SUV.

The businessman, still armed, was attempting to halt the suspects again when a passerby, also armed, stopped and joined in pointing his handgun at the suspects — including a second man inside the SUV — until police arrived.

The suspects were jailed pending charges.

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