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The Discovery Channel's latest series features Utahns tricking out trucks. Really.

"Diesel Brothers" features the team at — the world's largest online marketplace for anything diesel — as they "trick out trucks, work hard and play harder."

"We find trucks. We fix 'em. And then we sell 'em for a profit," said Heavy D, who headlines the show along with his pal, Diesel Dave.

Our heroes buy broken down trucks, rebuild them, make them cool and sell them. Oh, and they drive them. Really fast.

The pair are also comedians. Not standups, but they're funny guys. And they pull pranks on one another. Oh, and they drive the trucks, too. Really fast.

Elsewhere on TV ...

• Women's college basketball (6 p.m., P12N); Washington at Utah

• "Supergirl" (7 p.m., CBS/Ch. 2): Supergirl tries to rescue Hank from the evil Non's clutches.

• "The Bachelor" (7 p.m., ABC/Ch. 4): Season 20 begins with 26-year-old Ben Higgins meeting 28 beautiful bachelorettes — including 27-year-old Shushanna Mkrtchyan, a mathematician who lives in Salt Lake City.

• "Superstore" (7 p.m., NBC/Ch. 5): The staff discovera mannequin that looks just like Jonah.

• "Superhuman" (7 p.m., Fox/Ch. 13): Twelve people with extraordinary abilities in areas such as memory, hearing, taste, touch, smell and sight compete for a $100,000 prize. Kal Penn hosts.

• NBA (7 p.m., ROOT): Houston Rockets at Utah Jazz

• "Telenovela" (7:30 p.m., NBC/Ch. 5): Ana is nervous about her first real date since her divorce.

• "Scorpion" (8 p.m., CBS/Ch. 2): The team journeys to Antarctica to save a U.S. Special Forces unit

• "The Biggest Loser" (8 p.m., NBC/Ch. 5): Season 17 begins with 16 new contestants and a new host — Bob Harper.

• "NCIS: Los Angeles" (9 p.m., CBS/Ch. 2): Kensi and Deeks go undercover at a decommissioned nuclear power plant to investigate the radiation poisoning of a gunnery sergeant.

• "Independent Lens" (9 p.m., PBS/Ch. 7): "Chuck Norris vs. Communism" examines the role that Hollywood action-adventure movies played in fomenting revolution in 1980s-era Romania.