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Class 5A


Payton Henry • Pleasant Grove, Sr., C

Oliver Dunn • Cottonwood, Sr., INF

Payton Freeman • Lone Peak, Jr., INF

Sean Keating • Bingham, Sr., INF

Mick Madsen • American Fork, Sr., INF

Payton Barney • Lone Peak, Jr., OF

Buster Hardman • American Fork, Sr., OF

Devin Smith • Lehi, Jr., OF

Wil Jensen • Cottonwood, Sr., P


Christopher Rowan • Cottonwood, Jr., C

Drew Lisk • Jordan, Sr., INF

Braden DeBenedictis • Taylorsville, Sr., INF

Josh Brown • Northridge, Sr., INF

Chase Bauerle • Syracuse, Sr., INF

Drew Zimmerman • Lehi, Jr., OF

Jason James • Lehi, Jr., OF

Ben Atkinson • Cottonwood, Sr., OF

Dom Fuller • Davis, Jr., P


Skyler Davis • Riverton, Sr., C

Ethan Udy • Northridge, Jr., OF

Ben Rigby • Davis, Jr., P

Derek Wall • Pleasant Grove, Sr., P

Hunter Heugly • Cottonwood, Jr., INF

Seth Corry • Lone Peak, Jr., P

Tate Briggs • Pleasant Grove, Sr., INF

Tyler Thompson • Lone Peak, Sr., OF

Spenser Triplett • Mountain Crest, Sr., INF

Class 4A


Zach Collins • Murray, Sr., C

Alex Johnson • Woods Cross, Sr., INF

Tanner Hamblin • Salem Hills, Sr., INF

Kade Poulson • Maple Mountain, Sr., INF

Tanner Evans • Timpanogos, Sr., INF

Cooper Smith • Salem Hills, Sr., OF

Jaren Hall • Maple Mountain, Sr., OF

Calvin Millich • Corner Canyon, Sr., OF

Paxton Schultz • Orem, Sr., P


Brandon Wagstaff • Woods Cross, Sr., C

Spencer Gleave • Bountiful, Sr., INF

Sam Moore • Maple Mountain, Sr., INF

Clayton Snyder • Springville, Sr., INF

Tyler Cornish • Timpanogos, Sr., INF

Derek Equinto • Timpanogos, So., OF

Parker Hall • Bonneville, Sr., OF

TJ Benard • Bountiful, Sr., OF

Jordan Lewis • Woods Cross, Sr., P


Sam Callister • Salem Hills, Sr., C

Josh Darrow • Wasatch, Sr., INF

Sam Stringfellow • Bountiful, Sr., INF

Jake Herman • Orem, Sr.,UTL

Kaden Stewart • Salem Hills, Jr., P

Parker Wollaston • Orem, Sr., P

Adam Rodriguez • Springville, Sr., P

Marshall Nice • Corner Canyon, Jr., OF

Karter Pope • Uintah, Sr., INF

Class 3A


Josh Glenn • Juan Diego, Sr., C

Rykker Tom • Cedar, Sr., INF

Cole Fossat • Carbon, Sr., INF

Trey Esplin • Cedar, Sr., INF

Brayson Hurdsman • Desert Hills, Sr., INF

Brooks Barney • Pine View, Sr., OF

Jackson Vasi • Canyon View, Sr., OF

Ryan Brady • Park City, Jr., OF/P

Dakota Donovan • Pine View, Sr., P


Drake Lewis • Cedar, Jr., C

Logan LaFemina • Pine View, Sr., INF

Trey Winget • Desert Hills, Jr., INF

Tyson Fisher • Dixie, So., INF

Cadyn Clark • Canyon View, Jr., INF

Kelton Christensen • Bear River, Sr., OF

Payton Higgins • Canyon View, Sr., OF

Connor Clark • Pine View, Sr., OF

Mitch McIntyre • Stansbury, Jr., P/OF


Brad Bojack • Juan Diego, Sr., OF

Jackson Bithell • Pine View, Sr., C

Triston Merritt • Bear River, Sr., INF

Xavier Stoker • Canyon View, Sr., INF

Connor McNulty • Juan Diego, Sr., INF

Mason Torgersen • Richfield, Sr., OF

Clayton Stanworth • Stansbury, Jr., INF

Class 2A


Kayson Bundy • Enterprise, Sr., C

Fisher Andersen • North Sevier, Sr., INF/P

Josh Jones • Grand, So., INF

Bronz Eldredge • San Juan, Sr., INF

Brandell Shumway • Enterprise, Sr., INF/P

Braxton Maxwell • North Sevier, Sr., OF

Derek Wright • Manti, Sr., OF

Darron McClain • Manti, Jr., OF

Drew Hill • Gunnison, Jr., P


Kasey Anderson • North Sevier, Sr., C

Kaden Simkins • Enterprise, Jr., INF

Brayden Ward • Grand, Sr., INF

Bryce Dugmore • Emery, Sr., INF

Dalton McElhaney • Grand, Sr., INF

Rhet Porter • North Sevier, Sr., OF

Chandler Avery • South Summit, Sr., OF

Cooper Roundy • South Sevier, Jr., OF

Dyson Heath • South Sevier, Sr., P


Kyler Rowley • Millard, Sr., INF

Colby Christensen • North Sevier, Sr., INF

Kael Hardy • Delta, Jr., OF

Landry Nelson • North Sevier, Sr., INF

Matt Nelson • Manti, So., INF

Quade Jones • Enterprise , Sr., P

Trevor Okerlund • North Sevier , Sr., INF

Brandon Dansie • South Summit, Jr., INF

Carson Teeples • Millard, So., C

How the All-State teams were chosen

All of the state's baseball head coaches were asked to vote for All-State teams from their school's respective classification. Each coach was given a blank ballot to fill out, and asked to select one pitcher, one catcher, four infielders and three outfielders, for both First Team and Second Team. Two points were awarded for a first-team vote, and one point for a second-team vote. The All-State teams reflect the results of the coaches' voting, with no alterations made by Tribune or TribPreps staff.

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