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I arrived not long ago for my annual visit to Utah. I soon recalled the wild-west style of driving here. Utah Highway Patrol troopers were on TV begging people to slow down on I-15, saying the speed limit was 70 mph, not 85, and not 105.

As I got the green light at 90th South and 7th East, I watched three cars go through the red light. I was reminded of a tongue-in-cheek question from a driver new to the area in a letter to the editor, questioning the allowable number of cars that can go through after the light turns red.

There are simple solutions to both problems:

No. 1, require front license plates; all manufacturers make provision for them.

No. 2, install radar speed cameras on I-15.

No. 3, install red light cameras at problem intersections.

Change any laws necessary to effect this, making the car owner responsible for the ticket. Commercial companies will install and maintain these for a percentage at no cost to government.

Lou Bourque

South Portland, Maine

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