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The new Fox sitcom "The Mick" wants to be outrageously funny.

It's certainly outrageous. And it's funny … sometimes.

Mickey (Kaitlin Olson, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia") — aka "The Mick" — is basically a horrible person. She's a drunk. A thief. A self-centered jerk.

And, as "The Mick" begins (Sunday, 7 p.m., Fox/Ch. 13), Mickey is on her way to try to get some money out of her mega-rich sister, Poodle (guest star Tricia O'Kelley) and brother-in-law, Christopher (guest star Laird MacIntosh) — and shows up at their mansion just before the FBI arrives to put them under arrest for financial misdeeds.

Although Poodle is openly contemptuous of Mickey, she begs her to look after her three children — spoiled, manipulative, 17-year-old Sabrina (Sofia Black D'Elia); arrogant, bratty, 13-year-old Chip (Thomas Barbusca); and cute but clearly troubled 7-year-old Ben (Jack Stanton).

Despite the fact that this includes living in the family mansion, Mickey doesn't want the job.

"Don't you have a babysitter?" she asks. "Oh, I know. Get one of those guys outside the hardware store."

"Mickey," Poodle says sternly, "Just act like their aunt for one day, and don't ruin them."

They're already sort of ruined. At least the older two.

Ben is, not surprisingly, worried about his parents going to jail. Chip, on the other hand, is sure they'll be out quickly.

"Don't worry, Ben. The scales of justice tip in favor of the wealthy," Chip says. "If we throw enough money at this thing, I'm sure it will go away. And then we'll sue their asses for defamation, OK?"

If the older two kids are uber arrogant — and they are — Mickey is incredibly irresponsible. She keeps Sabrina from going out with friends by giving her alcohol — spiked with "six different types of sleep medication."

"I own you," Mickey says. "Night-night, princess."

That's shortly before Mickey herself passes out drunk on the floor of the mansion's foyer.

And then there's the advice that Mickey gives Chip on how to deal with the school bully — pull down his pants and make fun of his "tiny little penis." Which doesn't work out well.

Chip comes home from school with black eyes and blood all over his face. And Mickey blames him for not using her advice correctly.

"Did you remember to point at his his tiny penis? That part's pretty important," she says.

"It was humungous!" Chip retorts. "I'm lucky he didn't beat me with it."

This is a sitcom about a family; it's not a sitcom for the family. In one upcoming episode, the noise of 17-year-old Sabrina and her boyfriend have sex upstairs makes it tough for the rest of the family to hear the television.

"The Mick" knows what it is. Knows what it wants to be. And it is pretty uncompromising about that … although there actually are some warm and fuzzy moments in late episodes.

There are also some genuine laughs. Although, after having seen the first four episodes, there aren't as many as there should be. "The Mick" is everything it sets out to be except for much in the way of laughs.

After Sunday's premiere, "The Mick" will air in its regular time slot — Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. on Fox/Ch. 13.

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