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> Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert remained in character as he testified before a House Judiciary subcommittee Friday about the plight of migrant workers, explaining his one-day experience as a corn packer, which he highlighted on his show.

Colbert's five-minute testimony was loaded with light jabs. He said more Americans may try their hand at migrant farm work soon, since he heard many Democrats may be looking for jobs in November.

That aside, Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz wasn't amused. Despite his repeat appearances on Colbert's show, Chaffetz didn't think the comedian should have appeared before his subcommittee.

"All the serious issues and we have Colbert as an 'expert,'" Chaffetz wrote on his Twitter page. "I am a fan of Colbert, but immigration expert???"

There was no juicy question-and-answer session between Chaffetz and Colbert though, because Chaffetz didn't show up.

"With no votes on Friday, I returned to Utah rather than participating in the Colbert skit. I am on the subcommittee, but this was a joke," he wrote.

The only Colbert joke that got a laugh was when he said he was sure Democrats and Republicans would work together following his testimony. (C-SPAN has video. You need to scroll past the 50 minute mark to see Colbert's opening testimony.)

— Matt Canham

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