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Here's the deal: We just kicked out our biggest convention by opposing Bears Ears. Now we want to kick out other tourists by amplifying our already established reputation that it's impossible to get a good drink in Utah. I'm sure the next step is to follow the Trumpster and build a big bubble over our state — and make the atheists pay for it.

The crazy thing about this is that the sponsor (from Provo) of HB155 has probably never had a drink in his life. This is like asking your celibate Catholic priest how to improve your sex life.

Studies show that there is zero increase in the rate of auto accidents below .08 percent blood alcohol level, which is why most states use that limit. Our theocrats checked with their key constituent — the LDS Church — and they said yes to this, so of course it passed. We're not about passing laws here that pass science-based muster. We just ask the Mormons what we should do.

Rick Robison


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