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Nearly six years ago I wrote a letter to The Tribune, which was published, relative to Sen. Orrin Hatch running again for a seventh term. At that point, I recalled a time when he originally ran against Sen. Frank Moss who had been a three-term U.S. senator and was running for his fourth term. Sen. Moss had represented Utah well and in a balanced way.

Part of the campaign for Hatch then was a catchphrase, "What do you call a senator who's served in office for 18 years? You call him home." The idea he continually put forth is that representatives can be entrenched in D.C., hearing the siren song of being in the nation's capital. He said a fresh face should fill the position. It succeeded. Then in 2012, Hatch said he wanted one more go-round and that it would be his last term.

Not so fast. He has now announced his intention to run again next year. He wants an eighth term. It has become so painfully obvious that he is enamored with the power and position that he wants to keep both.

Please don't tell us it is for the good of Utah. We clearly have others in both parties who can do a wonderful job in the government. He said it is because President Donald Trump encouraged him. Please.

Wanting to keep the power is intoxicating. But, Sen. Hatch, we need to call you home. Moreover, you have become a Republican political pawn, bent solely on party line politics. You need to end the run and give someone else a chance to serve our nation. We clearly can get along without you there.

Merrill Allen


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