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The Jazz's Deron Williams, Raja Bell and Jerry Sloan discuss a series of events between Bell, Williams and Denver's J.R. Smith during the fourth quarter of Utah's 113-106 road victory against the Nuggets on Friday at the Pepsi Center.Miles on Smith's foul of Bell and Williams' reaction: Obviously, you can't run out there. But you see it happening. I kind of saw it unfolding. I saw J.R. back, and after they were having a little confrontation. And it was basically like he had a clean shot. Not saying he was really trying to hurt him. But he had a chance to really foul him hard, to make sure he knew, like — it happens. I don't think he — it could've been worse. It definitely — he could've; he just tried to; it was frustration foul. I don't think he really set out to hurt him. Whether it was good to see Williams respond: Yeah. We take care of our own. I guarantee you, if that was [Williams], Raja would've done the same thing. Whoever was out there, we would've broke it up, we would've jumped in there. I know for a fact [Ronnie Price] would've jumped in there. And that's just how it's supposed to be, though. We're a unit. And that's the way it's got to be. Bell on the sequence of events that led up to the foul: I wasn't surprised at all. It was just a matter of time. I was lucky enough that when Deron threw the ball to me that I caught a glimpse of him coming, so I was able to kind of get off of two feet and not really put myself out there to get injured. But I kind of knew something like that was coming. Williams on whether he sent a message with his elbow to Smith's back: It was just a reaction, man. He took him out of the air — you could see it was intentional. Nobody wants to fight on the basketball court, man. You lose too much money doing that. Jazz being more aggressive than they've been in about a month: Yeah. I thought it was good. I said before the game we need to go out there and have fun; get back to having fun. We haven't been having much fun the last month and a half. I think we did that tonight. We played together. We shared the basketball. We helped each other defensively. Everybody just looked like a different team out there.How he felt and how his wrist held up: The wrist is sore. It's probably going to be sore for a while. Every time I hit it; land on it; get fouled it hurts. But it's just something I'm going to have to deal with. I dealt with it all last year for a month and a half; two months. So it is what it is. Whether the team sent a message it is not going to back down and will stick together: Hopefully. It's one game. Hopefully it becomes a recurring thing. We don't want to just have this one game and go back and lay an egg tomorrow.Sloan on Smith's foul on Bell and Williams' response: I don't know. That's not within the rules. I don't want to see anybody do that. That's instinct. You're not going to take the instinct out of a guy … because that's going to happen on the floor. I wouldn't want somebody to take it away from me. That's just the way it is. He's got to go play basketball. You can't let that bother you, you've got to go play. Of course now, you can't fight, so nobody's going to get hurt. Talking, I guess, that hurts everybody.— Brian T. SmithTwitter: tribjazz

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