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The Jazz's Jerry Sloan, Deron Williams and Al Jefferson discuss reserve center Kyrylo Fesenko's season-high 11 points during Utah's 107-104 road victory against the Sacramento Kings on Monday.Sloan: Yeah, I think that's one of his better games. That's a good point. He played bigger. Sometimes he plays like he's 6-1, and he's 7-feet tall. When he starts taking up space and goes to the basket and tries to get to the free throw line — that's the biggest thing is dunking, first; then get to the free throw line. Williams: Fes, given the minutes, he always performs. He does a great job. He knows the game. He might make a few boneheaded plays a game, but who doesn't? Coach has got to realize that and let him roll with it. … Just him being out there is a plus. You see Fes in the lane, that's a big guy; that's an obstacle you have to get around. He alters shots, he changes shots, he blocks shots. But on offense he does a lot, too. He screens — when he screens and rolls, it's hard to stop him. Jefferson: When he got that one dunk, I started noticing how low he got on defense; how active he was on defense. And I said, 'Oh, he got his confidence.' That's what we need from him. He's amazing when he's playing defense and playing his role. Catching the ball, finishing, getting to the free throw line — he's still got to work on those free throws. He came off the bench and gave us some big minutes tonight. — Brian T. SmithTwitter: tribjazz

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