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Oklahoma City — Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin speaks with the media after a morning shootaround at Oklahoma City Arena.State of team: We've got to worry about where we are. They lost a tough home game here; Toronto beat them the last time they played. They're going to come out and try to prove they're better than what they demonstrated the other night, and we're not satisfied with the way we played the last couple nights. Although we have guys banged up, we've got to be ready to play. We can't feel sorry for ourselves, because they're not going to feel sorry for us. They're going to try to bury us if they can. We have to be ready to match that kind of intensity.Playing Gordon Hayward more, Andrei Kirilenko less: We'll play the matchups as they are. We'll play the lineups that we think give us the best chance to win until something different. But right now we're going with where we are and we'll see how the game develops. There may be an opportunity for him to get more time on the floor at a different spot with AK on the floor, or with Raja, C.J., whoever. It just depends on the matchups. We're still trying to win games. We're developing guys as we try and win games. That's the way that'll we'll continue to approach it. Hard to evaluate team right now: It is what it is. You look at a guy like Derrick and Devin's case. They're not really comfortable because this is a new system to them. The other guys are ahead of them because they know where the wrinkles are in the offense. They get in the right set, and then they know the first part of it. And the second they take one thing away, the other reads are automatic, and that takes time. To their defense, they've learned the initial set part of it. But they can't know the integral parts of it yet because they haven't been through it a lot, and they haven't seen all the things that they run through it, because they haven't experienced it. We haven't had practice time to put it all in. And then when we do have practice time, we want to actually put stuff in that we're comfortable with and try to get some more repetition with that, so they can get in the game and feel comfortable about it. Chemistry is an issue. But the guys, they're trying, man, and I can't be disappointed in that. For the most part we're still fighting. And even when we struggle a little bit, we still try and do the right things and try and get ourselves a chance to get back in it, and we've shown that some. It's just you start off in midstream, and it's a little difficult to get everything right off the bat. Message from management: Keep fighting. Just keep fighting and keep the guys focused on fighting and trying to get better. That's all they've asked and that's all we're trying to get done, is just keep fighting and keep trying to build on where we are right now. We'll see where we end up at.— Brian T. SmithTwitter: @tribjazz

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