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Jon Huntsman Jr. has yet to send a single tweet that we know of — but he sure got a lot of traction on Twitter on Saturday during and after his commencement address at the University of South Carolina. His political team, obviously hoping for a good splash from the former Utah governor's first public address, even sent around a list of some of the best reaction:

"Jon Huntsman Delivered One Hell Of A Commencement Address To Graduates. Lively, Interesting, Inspirational." (@TravHaney, Tweet, 5/7/11)

"I Have Found The GOP's Nominee And His Name Is Jon Huntsman." (@hakeemjefferson, Tweet, 5/7/11)

"Had A Great Chat With Huntsman After Commencement. He Was Very Personal, Appreciative, And Humble."(@taycain, Tweet, 5/7/11)

"I Really Like Jon Huntsman. To Me, He Isn't Just The Least Worst Pick." (@RSH712, Tweet, 5/7/11)

"One Hell Of A Speech By Jon Huntsman. He Might Just Have A Shot At The GOP Nomination."(@TayCain, Tweet, 5/7/11)

"Huntsman Is Good." (@hakeemjefferson, Tweet, 5/7/11)

"Jon Huntsman Quoted @BenFolds "The Luckiest" In His Speech To Univ Of South Carolina Students. Guess I Have To Vote For Him." (@CoryEuc, Tweet, 5/7/11)

But while Huntsman didn't appear to be one of the top trends on Twitter this afternoon, there were a few other thought bursts that didn't make the would-be campaign's list, so I thought I'd share:

"He's crazy RT @jmartpolitico "I am either certifiably crazy or an incurable patriot" to be thinking about a pres bid — Huntsman (@zackstephenson, Tweet, 5/7/11)

"RED ALERT- John Huntsman is on the prowl. His hair is an old boarding school nemesis of mine. I will cut that bastard." (@mittshair, Tweet, 5/7/11)

"I could stomach Huntsman if I had to. Anyone but Obama." (@DoctNo, Tweet, 5/7/11)

"Huntsman quotes Ben Folds in speech. This guy seems to have his shi** together." (ACEness, Tweet, 5/7/11)

Feel free to post your favorite below.— Thomas

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