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Republican National Committeeman Bruce Hough is the latest contender in Utah's already confusing and crowded field.

Hough said he has been encouraged by a number of people – isn't that always the case – to run for Congress and he says he's considering it.

"I'm clearly not going to make any decisions and not spend a lot of time worrying about it until we have some redistricting plans that are pretty much solidified," Hough told me yesterday. "I've been politically active all my life, so there's not a big ramp-up in terms of what it would take to do."

Hough said it "wouldn't have any qualms" if the boundaries end up leaving him in the 2nd District and he has to run against Matheson.

Hough is president of Neutraceutical Corp. and does pretty well for himself. He's probably better known for being the dad of Julianne and Derek Hough, well-known dancers and now musicians and actors.

"This country is in financial peril and me being a business guy makes me very concerned about the direction of the country," Hough said. "I've always been one who has preached to others that you need to take a stand and you need to put yourself in the arena. You can't be a bystander."

Add him to the long list of folks interested in Utah's congressional seats, people like Carl Wimmer, David Clark, Steve Sandstrom, Morgan Philpot, etc., etc.

— Robert Gehrke Twitter: @RobertGehrke

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