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Excerpts from an interview Wednesday with Charlotte guard Kemba Walker after a press conference in Provo.Walker on his training regimen: I've been moving around lately. I've been to a lot of different events to try to stay busy during the lockout.Homebase: Yeah, New York. New York is where I live, on Long Island, that's where I work out also. … I work out with Charles Jenkins. We live together, too.Transition from college to NBA during lockout: It's been fun but it's weird. At this time we ought to be in training camp, getting ready, talking to our team, talking to our coaches, learning new things. We're not. It's a little weird. You can't talk to your coaches; you can only talk to your players. Sometimes you don't get a chance to talk to your players, talk to your teammates. Everybody trying to stay busy, trying to stay in shape. So it's a little different.Still being referred to as 'Connecticut's Kemba Walker': Yeah, definitely. Wherever I go it's, 'UConn's Kemba Walker.' Or, 'Why did you make that guy fall in the Big East?' Eh. Stuff like that. I think things will change soon.Focusing on during workouts: Just all-around. I'm just trying to get everything tight. I have great ballhandling skills but it could be tighter. My shooting could be a lot better. Just everything. I'm not trying to pick one specific thing. I'm just trying to get my whole game polished.Brian T. Smith Twitter: @tribjazz

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