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TRAX safety: Log of violations seen by The Tribune

Published December 27, 2011 3:41 pm

Transit • A blow-by-blow description of unsafe behavior witnessed during a two-hour period.
This is an archived article that was published on sltrib.com in 2011, and information in the article may be outdated. It is provided only for personal research purposes and may not be reprinted.

Following is a log of safety violations witnessed by The Salt Lake Tribune while watching monitors of 10 TRAX stations on Thursday during the rush between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.:

4:01: Man walking inside the tracks at Gallivan Center, instead of on platform.

4:08: Man standing on wrong side of yellow line as train approaches Sandy Civic Center.

4:10: Two people walking in track at Gallivan Center.

4:11: Man jaywalks across the tracks just before train arrives at Gallivan Center.

4:12: Two people jaywalk in front of train just before train leaves Gallivan Center.

4:12: Another man jaywalks at Gallivan in front of train.

4:15: People crossing against the light at Courthouse Station, appear to almost walk into train as it leaves station.

4:17: At Millcreek Station on 33rd South, cars do not wait for gate to fully rise before driving through it, nearly hitting gate.

4:19: At Courthouse, man stands on wrong side of yellow line as train nears.

4:20: A car guns through lowering gate at Millcreek to beat arriving train. Ironically, a police car is stopped in an adjacent lane. The police car later goes through the gate before it fully rises, just missing it.

4:21: At Sandy Civic Center, people seen crossing the tracks without looking left or right for trains.

4:23: While gates are still down and lights are flashing at Millcreek, a group of pedestrians cross the tracks after one train passes — without looking for possible train on other tracks.

4:27: At Gallivan, man talking on phone is walking on wrong side of yellow line with his back to a train that is arriving.

4:27: Man jaywalks in front of arriving train at Gallivan.

4:29: At Central Pointe, man runs across track to catch train, but didn't look in either direction before doing it.

4:33: At West Valley Central, woman walks in front of train after exiting it, then many others walk in front of it and behind it. (Supervisors note train could go in either direction even though train is at the end of the line).

4:34: At Gallivan, man exits train and jaywalks in front of it.

4:36: At Historic Sandy, people cross tracks to platform without looking in either direction.

4:39: At Millcreek, car is stopped on tracks because of traffic backing up from freeway.

4:40: At Millcreek, man runs across lowered gates and in front of train to catch it.

4:42: Man appears to be texting as he exits one train. As he tries to cross the street, he almost walks into a train coming from opposite direction but stops in time.

4:43: Cars again stopped on tracks at Millcreek because of backed-up traffic.

4:44: Man jaywalks across both sets of tracks at Gallivan.

4:44: Man jaywalks in front of train just before it leaves at Gallivan.

4:45: Pedestrian walks along the inside of a lowered gate at Millcreek, risking getting clipped by approaching train.

4:46: At Millcreek, after a train arrives but while gates are still down and lights are flashing, pedestrians cross tracks — and appear not to look at whether train was coming from other direction.

4:48: Jaywalkers cross tracks again at Gallivan.

4:49: People run across track just in front of arriving train at Central Pointe.

4:51: At Murray Central, as approaching train is stopping, pedestrians walk in front of it. Operators note that if track is slick, trains may not be able to stop where pedestrians normally expect.

4:56: Cars stopped on track at Millcreek because of backed-up traffic.

4:57: Man runs across track in front of arriving train at West Valley Central.

4:58: Man jaywalks across both tracks at Gallivan.

4:59: Man on wrong side of yellow line as train approaches at Sandy Civic Center.

4:59: At Courthouse, man runs in front of one train attempting to catch train in other direction.

5:01: While train at Central Pointe is still moving fairly fast, people cross the yellow line to approach it.

5:03: Man runs in front of arriving train at Courthouse.

5:05: Jaywalkers again cross tracks at Gallivan.

5:06: Little girl dancing on top of artwork at Gallivan, no parents nearby. Not a danger from train, but could fall from height and shows lack of care at a station.

5:09: At Temple Square, jaywalkers cross tracks, some walking down the tracks for a ways.

5:09: Car stopped on tracks for at least 30 seconds at Millcreek because of backed-up traffic, luckily no train approaches.

5:12: Two cars stopped on tracks at Millcreek.

5:13: A different car stopped on tracks at Millcreek.

5:15: Man runs in front of approaching train at Central Pointe to catch it.

5:15: Car almost hit by lowering gate at Millcreek, driver guns it and moves to other lane to get through crossing before train arrives.

5:17: People running across tracks in front of trains at Courthouse.

5:18: While gates are still down and lights flashing, pedestrian crosses tracks at Millcreek after one train arrives without looking around to see if another train may be coming on other tracks.

5:20: Jaywalker runs for train at Courthouse.

5:20: Jaywalkers on tracks at Temple Square.

5:20: Car guns through already lowering gates at Millcreek.

5:21: Cars at Millcreek almost hit rising gates, not waiting for them to fully rise.

5:22: People on very full platform at Temple Square are beyond yellow line as train approaches and crowd seems to be pushing forward. Train stops in intersection before platform and appears to be honking at them. Approaches very slowly.

5:23: Jaywalkers at Gallivan holding hands and walk a ways in tracks.

5:27: People again over the yellow line on a full platform at Temple Square as train approaches.

5:28: A second train approaching Temple Square has people jaywalking in front of it.

5:28: Same train stuck waiting as cars failed to clear intersection in front of train because of backed-up traffic.

5:30: Cars again leave early as gate starts to rise at Millcreek almost hitting gate.

5:32: Jaywalker again crosses tracks at Gallivan, almost hit by car.

5:35: At Courthouse, jaywalker runs across tracks for train.

5:37: Man is dancing (apparently to headphone music) on platform at Central Pointe on wrong side of yellow line. He is looking the wrong way as train approaches behind him, finally stops dancing and moves.

5:39: At Sandy Civic, late passenger pulls child back out of door that is closing, preventing parent and child from being separated or catching one of them in the door.

5:40: Jaywalker across tracks at Gallivan.

5:40: Another jaywalker across tracks at Gallivan.

5:41: Red line operator radios that he hit a dog that ran across tracks about 4800 West.

5:43: People cross against the light in front of a train approaching Temple Square, forcing it to stop short.

5:44: More Jaywalkers run across tracks in front of train at Temple Square.

5:47: More cars leave early as gate starts to rise at Millcreek, again just missing it.

5:49: At Courthouse, talking couple that exited one train almost walks into another oncoming train to cross street, but the woman sees it at the last second and pulls the man back.

5:51: Pedestrian walks through lowered gate as train approaches Millcreek.

5:52: Another pedestrian ignores lowered gate and runs across tracks at Millcreek.

5:53: Jaywalker across tracks at Courthouse.

5:54: At Central Pointe, group walking with backs to approaching train includes one boy on wrong side of yellow line – train appears to honk while just missing clipping him.

5:57: At Historic Sandy, man runs across tracks in advance of approaching train to try to catch it.

5:58: People run against traffic lights for train at Temple Square.

5:59: More people jaywalk in front of approaching train at Temple Square.

6:00: People jaywalking in front of train before it can leave Temple Square.

6:00: Pedestrians ignore lowered gate at Millcreek, and cross tracks immediately after one train arrives – not looking at whether train may be on other tracks.




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