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Where will Huntsman place in New Hampshire? Can Romney be stopped? And what city is the gayest in America?

Happy Tuesday, New Hampshire residents are casting ballots in the nations' first primary today. Polls show Mitt Romney is expected to win by a wide margin, meaning the real battle is for second place, with Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul fighting it out. [Trib] [DNews] [Globe]

-> The latest poll has Romney at 37 percent, Huntsman at 18 percent and Paul at 17 percent. [ARGpoll]

Topping the news: With time running out Huntsman increases his attacks on Romney. [LATimes] [NYTimes]

-> In first ballots cast, Romney and Huntsman tie 2-2. [AP via WaPost]

-> For Huntsman is this one and done? [WaPost] And if we are asking questions, can Romney be stopped? [CBSNews]

Tweets of the day: From @chucktodd: "As if you already didn't know, but SC is about to see the negative barrage of ads that Iowans and NH-ites were mostly spared. #gonnagetugly."

From @iankoski: "At what point do we just declare the @jon2012girls the real winner of the NH primary?"

Happy Birthday: to U. of U. alum Bobby Harrington, now a fancy lawyer in D.C.

Welcome: Watch out world, the Tribune's D.C. bureau has an intern. Laura Schmitz starts this week and she'll contribute heavily to this email in the weeks to come. Don't be shy. Say hello to her on Twitter at @LauraASchmitz.

In other news: Interior Department's decision to ban uranium mining near the Grand Canyon wins praise, brickbats. [Trib] [Bloomberg] [DNews]

-> Romney is the choice of far more Utahns than Huntsman. [Bloomberg]

-> The Advocate names Salt Lake City the gayest city in America. [Trib] [Advocate] [QSaltLake]

-> The U.S. Conference of Bishops is holding an immigration forum this week in Salt Lake City — a site they picked because members liked The Utah Compact attempt to forge a humane approach to immigration reform. [Trib]

-> Governor Gary Herbert announced the recipients of the annual Governor's Science Medals. [Trib]

-> Midvale City Councilman Wayne Sharp is sentenced to probation on a theft conviction. [Trib]

-> The departure of Ogden Police Chief Jon Greiner for violating the Hatch Act is an expensive one. He will receive $77,300 in severance, a benefits package worth $154,600 and the city's insurer covered the $293,018 in legal fees fighting the federal allegations. [Trib]

-> Peg McEntee chastises herself for not getting around to writing an advance health care directive after her personal experience of watching parents pass in pain and despair. [Trib]

-> Bagley on 'Kardashian' economics. [Trib]

2012 watch: Romney relies on high powered friends in New Hampshire to get out the vote. [NYTimes]

-> Huntsman has commandeered Sen. John McCain's 2008 campaign slogan: "Country First." [WaPost]

-> Romney gets into exchange with Occupy protestors and appears to endorse public funding for presidential campaigns. [Politico]

-> Romney says he likes to be able to fire people who give him poor service, a comment that Huntsman tries to capitalize on. But one Romney says is clearly taken out of context. [Globe]

-> Huntsman has one major problem in New Hampshire and his name is Romney. [WaPost]

-> Utah's former governor didn't make Arizona's primary ballot. [NatJournal]

-> Huntsman says he wouldn't be in the race if he was never governor of Utah. [DNews]

-> Huntsman's ability to speak Chinese has impressed some voters. [NYTimes]

-> Todd Palin endorses Newt Gingrich for president. [WaPost]

Where are they?

Rep. Jason Chaffetz is still in New Hampshire acting as a surrogate for Romney.

Gov. Gary Herbert meets with Regent Bob Marquart to talk higher education, then sits down with Sen. Mike Lee to talk public lands policy and then with new U.S. Attorney David Barlow. In the evening, he hands out the Governor's Awards for Science and Technology.

AG Mark Shurtleff meets with his division chiefs and later with law students.

S.L. County Mayor Peter Corroon gives his state of the county address and then attends the Economic Development Corp. meeting.

SLC County Mayor Ralph Becker goes to the Alliance for Unity meeting and then the city council meeting.

WVC Mayor Mike Winder attends a board meeting of the Economic Development Corp., then delivers his state of the city address.

President Barack Obama will go to an EPA staff event with Administrator Lisa Jackson and then meets with his defense secretary.

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— Matt Canham with editor Dan Harrie

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