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The 2017 all-state boys' soccer teams as voted on by the state's coaches. Each coach was invited to vote for the top players in his team's classification.

Class 5A

First team

Forward • Aaron Nixon, Copper Hills

Forward • Drake Cook, Viewmont

Forward • Tyler Gundred, Lone Peak

Forward • Alec Ferrin, Fremont

Midfield • Carter Johnson, Herriman

Midfield • Kaden Amano, Layton

Midfield • Easton Embley, Layton

Midfield • Carlos Becerra, Copper Hills

Defense • Blaine Chambers, Layton

Defense • Nathan Mumford, American Fork

Keeper • J.D. Myers, Herriman

Second team

Forward • Max Price, Weber

Forward • Eric Morris, Weber

Midfield • Aaron Jolley, American Fork

Midfield • Cameron Jolley, American Fork

Midfield • Marshall Johnson, Viewmont

Midfield • Juan Lopez, West

Defense • Austin Freeman, Fremont

Defense • Jaxson Ruff, Herriman

Defense • Braxton Ferrin, Weber

Defense • Bryson Ferrin, Weber

Keeper • Tyler Trump, Viewmont

Honorable mention

Forward • Dallas May, Herriman; Leo Urrutia, Layton

Midfield • Leo Sobreira, Bingham; Ben Gonzalez, Copper Hills; Parker Huff, Fremont; James Edward, Olympus

Keeper • Sam Hunter, Layton

Class 4A

First team

Forward • Beamer Wilcken, Murray

Forward • Jesse Lopez, Wasatch

Forward • Josh Orme, Timpview

Forward • Nick Lowrimore, Alta

Forward • Trevan Watson, Box Elder

Midfield • Gary Lopez, Wasatch

Midfield • Caden Nerdin, Uintah

Defense • Ben Driggs, Skyridge

Defense • Kyron Sidwell, Alta

Defense • James Dansie, Olympus

Keeper • Luke Johnson, Olympus

Second team

Forward • Jamie Nunez Sanchez, Ogden

Forward • Seth Lowry, Alta

Forward • Matt Barker, East

Forward • Jaxon Sorensen, Skyridge

Forward • Dawson Beutler, Maple Mountain

Midfield • Tony Foulger, Olympus

Midfield • Dylan Heaton, Alta

Midfield • Drayden Ricks, Murray

Defense • Alec Groathouse, Alta

Defense • Matt Lockwood, Olympus

Keeper • Adam Teerlink, Alta

Honorable mention

Forward • Din Huremovic, Olympus; Jaxon Clarke, Ogden; Mitch Pyle, Box Elder; Jett Solis, Alta; Kenny Kocherscheidt, Alta

Midfield • Bridger Booth, Bountiful; Nathan Conrad, Timpanogos; Matt Holt, Skyridge; Lucas Astudillo, Orem

Keeper • Trever Elders, East; Mackay Huffaker, Orem

Class 3A

First team

Forward • Ruben Castillo, Juan Diego

Forward • Max Kemp, Snow Canyon

Forward • Jered Mariani, Juan Diego

Forward • Kelton Holt, Desert Hills

Forward • JC Vasquez, Ridgeline

Midfield • Ethan Fletcher, Cedar

Midfield • Colton Barber, Snow Canyon

Midfield • Dan Brubaker, Hurricane

Defense • Kadin Dorius, Snow Canyon

Defense • Mikey Haug, Dixie

Keeper • Quinn Hargis, Snow Canyon

Second team

Forward • Jonny Guadarrama, Logan

Forward • Jose Morales, Dixie

Midfield • Yetzel Carrillo, Snow Canyon

Midfield • Aaron Canales, Pine View

Midfield • Scott Sanders, Canyon View

Defense • Regie Anderson, Ridgeline

Defense • Jaccob Simister, Desert Hills

Defense • Michael Bresciani, Pine View

Defense • Hunter Buchanan, Ridgeline

Defense • Daniel Velasco, Canyon View

Keeper • Joseph Venhaus, Ridgeline

Class 2A

First team

Forward • Zeb Farmer, South Summit

Forward • Lincoln Augunstein, Summit Academy

Forward • Taylor Brand, Maeser Prep

Forward • Dallin Dodge, Providence Hall

Midfield • Marcelo Holanda, Layton Christian

Midfield • Fabrizio Tufano, Layton Christian

Midfield • Trey Provost, Rowland Hall

Defense • Alessio Tufano, Layton Christian

Defense • Isaac Briganti, Providence Hall

Defense • Kyle Laughbon, Intermountain Christian

Keeper • Nick Beasley, South Summit

Second team

Forward • David Thurston, Providence Hall

Forward • Vitalik Mylar, Intermountain Christian

Forward • Osvaldo Gutierrez, American Prep

Forward • Evan Smith, Summit Academy

Forward • Sebastian Oliver Amengual, Layton Christian

Midfield • Joseph Valle, American Leadership

Midfield • Antoni Frontera, Layton Christian

Midfield • Brayden Staples, South Summit

Defense • Trevor Burton, Delta

Defense • Spencer Howells, South Summit

Keeper • Jonathan Lathrop, Intermountain Christian

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