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Los Angeles — Official quotes following the Jazz's 103-99 win against the Lakers on Sunday.

Alec Burks takes center stage as Jazz down Lakers

Jazz Gordon Hayward on the play of the young guys:"We all believe in ourselves and our teammates believe in us. The young guys played really well tonight. We need that production on a consistent basis." Jazz Gordon Hayward on the team's defensive strategy against Kobe Bryant:"He's a great player and we were just trying to make it difficult for him. We tried to make each shot contested and not give him anything easy. C.J. (Miles) did a tremendous job on him, and allowed all of the other guys that guarded him to frustrate him a little bit." Jazz Paul Millsap on his offensive mindset:"I just wanted to be aggressive whether that's driving to the rim, drawing a defender, or kicking the ball out to an open guy. I wanted to keep their big guys moving and keep them off their heels. That was my main focus tonight." Jazz Paul Millsap on the team's execution down the stretch:"We slowed the game down. Devin Harris did a great job of controlling the tempo down the stretch. We got what we wanted. Whether it was a jump shot or it was a layup to the basket, guys were aggressive at getting to the basket." Jazz Paul Millsap on the win:"It's big for our team. It's big in our development and it's big in our growth. We just continue to push forward." Jazz Paul Millsap on if he was surprised by the play of the young guys:"For those guys to go out there and show that type of heart I am surprised. I'm not going to sit here and say that I'm not. For Enes (Kanter) to come in against one of the top centers in this league and do what he did is remarkable. That's going to help him out in his confidence." Jazz Paul Millsap on the team's recent success defensively:"We're helping each other and we're being active. We're getting our hands on a lot of deflections. We are a confident team and we have confidence on the defensive end. We feel like we can stop anybody." Jazz Alec Burks on his game tonight:"I wanted to play aggressive and bring energy. That's what I did and I'm glad we got the win." Jazz Alec Burks on closing the game in the fourth quarter:"We just kept fighting. We knew they were going to make a run because they've got a good team. They've got Kobe so everyone knew they were going to make a run."

Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin on:"Lakers always give you trouble with their height and size with Bynum and Pau down there. But I thought we did a great job of just being physical for the most part. Bynum had has way there for a little while but [our] guys continued to fight. We got into foul trouble there a little bit but we didn't let it deter us at all. We stayed physical and we did a good job getting the win." Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin on Alec Burks performance tonight:"Alec Burks did a great job. The drive to the basket for the and-one, the offensive tip gave us a big lift there when [the Lakers] were coming back on us. He just plays." Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin on Enes Kanter:"We thought he had an advantage. He did a great job of being poised and taking his time and going to the basket and making the basket at the end there was really big for us." Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin on having a young team:"That's who we are. Right from the beginning of the year we knew we had to play our young guys to get them some experience on the floor to develop them with our veteran group of guys."Lakers' Andrew Bynum on what happened down the stretch tonight:"I gave some people points that really don't score. Defense kind of falls on my shoulders as the center and I could have done a better job clogging the lane." Lakers' Andrew Bynum on his game tonight:"I think that early on there were opportunities to score that I didn't take advantage of. After that I played a pretty good basketball game so for me offense is coming along fine. Being a defensive captain every single night is something that I am kind of up and down with and I am going to get better at it." Lakers' Andrew Bynum on playing the Jazz tonight:"They beat us last time in Utah so this is a team that we struggle with because everybody can do something. We have got guys, including myself, that come out sometimes and we don't play people honestly and that caused us some problems sometimes but it's going to get fixed." Lakers' Andrew Bynum on tonight's game:"I think that what we didn't do was stay in our system, offensively. We have to have Pau [Gasol] or myself, one of us has to be down the court and one of us has to be trailing every time to dictate where we are going to go with the basketball." Lakers' Pau Gasol on tonight's game:"It was a tough one and we had way too many turnovers. I don't know if it was overconfidence or just too sloppy but we gave them too many opportunities. They played well, played consistent during the game, and took advantage of the opportunities and made us pay for our mistakes. We have got to limit our mistakes and limit our turnovers." Lakers' Pau Gasol on the team's offense:"We didn't have a good flow offensively and the ball got stuck a little too much on the strong side of the floor and that favored them, obviously." Lakers' Ramon Sessions on his role with the team:"Whatever we can do, I'm just here to help the team. And whatever that is, whether it's off the bench, starting, it doesn't matter as long as we're winning games." Lakers' Ramon Sessions on what he is doing to get up to speed:"I do a lot of studying, watch a lot of film of these guys. You know, the Lakers are not a secret team so I've watched them in the past on TV, I know guys tendencies. But still, it'd be better with practice time." Lakers' Ramon Sessions on his second game with the team:"Just being more relaxed. I know my place now. I've got a practice under my belt, I know the defensive schemes. Still a few things I don't know yet, but the more time I get with these guys the better I'll fit in." Lakers' Kobe Bryant on what happened during the last couple minutes of the game:"Just a breakdown in communication, but also they made some tough shots. Millsap made some tough shots. That young kid drove to the basket and got a big three-point play which was a tough shot. They made big plays. That's what happens when you have a team that hangs around at the end of the ball game sometimes they make big plays." Lakers' Kobe Bryant on what went wrong in the last couple minutes of the game:"We didn't make enough plays defensively down the stretch to kind of get us over the hump." Lakers' Kobe Bryant on what the team needs to do to rebound from tonight's loss:"Just do what we do, just keep playing. Just one of those nights. We threw the ball all over the place, couldn't make a shot. We've got games like this every now and then, but it's not a constant reoccurrence."

Lakers coach Mike Brown's opening statement: "Obviously we turned the ball over and a lot of those turnovers I felt were unforced. And it's going to be hard to beat any team with unforced turnovers that we had tonight as a group. We gave up a lot of points because our floor balance was not good, and we turned the ball over. I thought that was a big hindrance or concern for us throughout the entire night. The second thing for us was their physicality kind of took us out of what we wanted to do and what we wanted to run. Our turnovers and their physicality was a huge thing. We had 24 turnovers and still scored over 100 points, and that's what makes it disappointing." Lakers coach Mike Brown on team's defense tonight: "We talked to our guys about our defense slipping a little bit. The last five or six games, we've given up 100 points very easily to our opponents and that's not who we are. We have to get back to committing to the defensive end of the floor and not giving up easy buckets or not giving up baskets the way that we have been. For those guys to shoot over 47 percent on us and score 103 points, that's mind boggling for us defensively." Lakers coach Mike Brown on Andrew Bynum not getting more shots tonight: "He will only get so many shots a game because every time he touches the basketball, he's going to get doubled. So he's going to have to kick the ball out and sometimes, somebody else is going to have to make a play. But when you're a big, it's easy to take a big out of the game. So for him to score 33 points when he got doubled and tripled on almost every single possession, it's a testament." Lakers coach Mike Brown on trying to get more guys involved when Kobe is struggling: "The bottom line is he's our guy. The shots he took, I'd give it to him again. I don't know how many shots he missed near the rim —- I mean point-blank shots. So for me, the shots he took, he's our guy. I'll play that game all over again and have him shoot the same ones and if he goes 3-for-20, then he goes 3-for-20."

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