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I have a feeling Ryan will forgive me for being late in posting this report. I was fishing with him on Flaming Gorge last week when he sent this report. I should have Ryan him do the Gorge report as well because he must have stuck 100 rainbows in a couple of hours of fishing last Wednesday. I spent Thursday on the river for an upcoming story and found fishing to be everything I had it would be.

So, here is the late Green River report from Ryan Kelly of Flaming Gorge Resort.

Fly Fishing Report for 04/26/2012 Flows: 1580 cfs 6:00 am-4:00 pm rising to 2500 from 5:00 pm-12:00 am. The water takes about 2 hrs. to reach Little Hole. This past week was filled with warm temperatures and a lot of sunshine. As a result the dry fly fishing tapered off a bit. We did see some flying ants hit the water, crickets chirping down the banks, along with some hoppers (yes, I said hoppers). I even heard rumors of someone seeing a cicada. Lets hope that will be the first of many cicadas as it is the favorite treat of Green River trout. The midge and BWO hatches remain strong. In fact, Sunday there were so many midges on the water that it looked like it had snowed. Let me say that it was a pretty epic day that included a pretty stout 20" brown and lots of football aka B section rainbows. Anyway, all it would take is a little overcast and the dries will be back on. In the mean time enjoy some spectacular nymph and emerger fishing. Good times and dancing lines, Ryan. The Dry Fly fishing has been good. There have been large Midge hatches in the morning and at dusk. Blue Wings have been consistently popping between 1-5 each afternoon depending on the weather. We have seen the same hatches on both the A and B sections. Dry flies to use; Green River parabeatis #16-18, Gulper Special #16-18 , BWO Cripple #16-18, Griffiths gnat #20, Morgan's Midge #20. Nymph fishing has been great on the A section and great on the B section. Zebra Midges in the morning and Blue Wing Nymphs/Emergers in the afternoons. Nymphs to use: Ju Ju Beatis #16/18, Tungsten Olive Biot #16-18, Pheasant Tail #16-18, Zebra midges in brown, wine, and black #14-20. The bigger zebras have worked better on B section.

Featured fly pics this week. Tung Stud Black and a BWO cripple.

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