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When on vacation, I . . . have access to the full e-Edition of the Salt Lake Tribune. It works fine on the laptop, but I would like to read it on my Kindle Fire. I log in to my account through the MediaOne subscription services website and access the page with the navigation buttons, but nothing will download. Is there a way to access the e-Edition through my Kindle Fire? — Sandi Brown.

People on the go can access The Salt Lake Tribune several ways. Of course, there's our website at">, which can be accessed on any Web browser for desktop computers and mobile devices. There also are free mobile apps available through iTunes, both for the iPhone and the iPad (the Android version is coming soon, I'm told). And you can access the paper on your regular E-ink Kindle or Nook book reader by subscribing to The Salt Lake Tribune feed for $5.99 per month. Those are special versions made just for the E-ink Kindle and Nook.

Sandi is referring to another way you can get The Tribune digitally — the e-Edition, which people can pay extra for with or without a subscription to the paper. This is an electronic version you can access on a PC or Mac in which you also can download PDF files of each page of the day's paper exactly as they are displayed in the print version. That means you get high-quality prints for framing or presentations or just to see how a particular story is seen in the paper.

Unlike the regular Kindle or the Nook e-book readers, the Kindle Fire is like an iPad or iPhone, in which it uses a color backlit LCD screen instead of a black and white E-ink screen. So naturally, the question is, could you get the e-Edition on a Kindle Fire the same way you could on a regular laptop or desktop computer?

As Sandi mentioned, not really. I tested it on a Kindle Fire and was able to sort of get the e-Edition. That is, I got to the main screen, where you can see the front page of the paper, but the rest of the screen was jumbled. I couldn't download a PDF file of any of the pages for reading or printing later. The same was true for the iPad and iPhone.

The fact is, the e-Edition was not made to be viewed on mobile devices such as a phone or a tablet. This version is specifically made for desktop or laptop computers so you can print a PDF file of the paper.

If you're just going to read the paper, access The Tribune through the mobile Web browser or through one of the apps. Each offers all the same stories and pictures as all the other digital editions (which includes what is in the print product). No matter what, the day's news is available instantly in a number of different formats to suit how you read The Tribune.

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