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The Aggies are putting the final touches on their 2012-2013 basketball schedule, and anticipate on releasing it soon.

Here are a few things to look for:

* The anticipated matchup against USC isn't going to happen this season, as the Trojans have pushed the beginning of the series back a season. As a result, Utah State is looking for another game, on the road, in the November 28th range. This road matchup would be a regional one, and it would be against a good opponent, not just a "scheduled" win.

* Once the schedule is completed, look for it to be released in the next couple of weeks.

* St. Mary's, BYU, and Weber State are all expected to be on the schedule.

Playing the Gaels will mean the return of James Walker to the Spectrum, once a highly touted USU recruit who left the program on acrimonious terms following the completion of his freshman season.

* Southern Illinois, one a mid-major power, headlines the Gossner Tournament field in late December.

Tony Jones

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