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Former BYU football coach LaVell Edwards says he wouldn't mind being a member of the soon-to-be-formed committee that selects the four teams that will play in major college football's seeded playoff, but he's not going to lobby for it. "A national writer called and asked me about that, and asked if I had any interest in being on that," Edwards said, explaining how his name popped up just hours after it was announced last week that a the presidential oversight committee had decided on the four-team playoff. "I probably said yes, and that was the extent of it. I guess that is how that came about." Asked if it is something he really, really wants to be a part of, Edwards said he wouldn't go that far. "I am not going to lobby for it, no, if that's what you are asking," he said. Edwards suggests that the conference commissioners should consider using the Legends Poll, a weekly poll conducted during the season that includes himself and 18 other mostly Hall of Fame coaches."We have a weekly telephone conversation and then they send us CDs of all the teams," Edwards said. "Then we will vote our top 10. We do that each week. That would be a pretty good source, I think. "Then you are not having a sports information director, or an administrative assistant figuring it out. It is somebody that actually looks at the CDs and knows what people are doing in different parts of the country. The thing that is interesting about it is you get to here the perspective of what people are doing in the South, or the East, or areas like that. I think it would be a great resource for making that [playoff seeding] decision."

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