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With "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "Katy Perry: Part of Me" already in theaters, what's arriving on Friday is all for the grown-ups.

And the best movie opening today is a movie that was (briefly) too hot for Tuscaloosa.

"Turn Me On, Dammit!" is a funny and honest tale of a teen girl, Alma (Helena Bergsholm), dealing with raging hormones in her small Norwegian town. Her fantasies, most of them involving the hunky boy in her school, lead her to an incident with the boy that may or may not have happened — and results in her being ostracized when she tells everyone about it. The comedy is very dry, and sometimes poignantly honest in its depiction of a teen's self-inflicted melodrama.

Sex comedy of a more familiar sort comes from Woody Allen, in his latest European adventure, "To Rome With Love." This one has four unrelated stories set in the vicinity of Trevi Fountain, none of them amounting to much on their own or put together with the others. The funniest performers are Alec Baldwin, as a nostalgic architect commenting on a love triangle (comprised of Jesse Eisenberg, Greta Gerwig and Ellen Page), and Roberto Benigni (yes, really) as an accountant who's suddenly and inexplicably famous.

Lastly, there's "Savages," a brutal and convoluted crime thriller directed by Oliver Stone. It centers on two pot dealers (Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch) who share the same woman, played by Blake Lively. The action takes off when a Mexican drug cartel wants to take over the men's business — and kidnaps the woman as leverage. Stone's direction comes off like a Tarantino knockoff, and the villains, played by Salma Hayek and Benicio Del Toro, steal the show from the movie's supposed heroes.

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