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In case you were wondering, it looks like Gary Herbert will not have to move out of the Governor's Mansion.

The Utah Supreme Court on Friday upheld a lower court's decision to toss out a challenge to Herbert's 2010 election victory.

Steve Maxfield, who was running for lieutenant governor along with gubernatorial candidate Farley Anderson, contended Herbert should be ineligible to hold office because he had violated campaign-finance laws by channeling money through his political action committee to his campaign committee.

The lower court had rejected Maxfield's claim, arguing that eligibility to serve is determined by the Utah Constitution and someone cannot be deemed ineligible for alleged campaign violations.

The district court also said that the lieutenant governor, not the court, is the entity that should review campaign finance complaints.

Lt. Gov. Greg Bell dismissed Maxfield's challenge earlier this year.

The Utah Supreme Court agreed with the district court's decision and ruled against Maxfield in a unanimous decision.

Robert Gehrke

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