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Selected Tweets from the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills, Calif. - and a few additional comments.

• Indication of how tough it's been at #NBC — they're happy they're No. 3 instead of No. 4.

Yeah! We aren't in last place anymore!

• #NBC Prez Robert Greenblatt is telling us what a great platform the Olympics are to launch new shows. Hasn't really worked in the past.

In the past decade, NBC has had lots of Olympics and not much of anything in the way of hit shows.

• #NBC prez justified his faith in Olympics as promotion tool with #TheVoice and #Smash. Neither launched out of the Olympics.

Neither is actually a big hit, either.

• "One could argue" #Idol and #XFactor are two runs of the same show, sez NBC prez Greenblatt. Actually, I've made that argument.

• Greenblatt made that argument to justify 2 runs of #TheVoice. Which is going to turn out badly in the long run. #Prediction

A pretty safe prediction, I think.

• Now we're talking about new #NBC sitcom #GuysWithKids. #JimmyFallon is here via satellite. He's way more amusing than the show.

It's not a good show. And that's putting it kindly.

• "To be back at NBC is really thrilling for me," sez Tempestt Bledsoe. Um, "Guys with Kids" is no "Cosby."

Not even close.

I've raised 3 kids by myself for the past decade, and it's been HILARIOUS! Just ask them. #GuysWithKids

Well, it's been hilarious at times. Really.

• TV should be "fun, imaginative, creative," Jimmy Fallon sez. TRUE. "I think that's what we made with this show." FALSE.

Good intentions do not necessarily turn into good shows.

From my BFF, TCA president Candace Havens: I hate it when I like everyone on the stage and the show just doesn't work. I want them to succeed but... #GuyswithKids

See? Critics are really nice people. Well, some critics.

• #ChicagoFire is here. NBC's new show, not the Major League Soccer team.

• Dick Wolf wasn't aware of the existence of the #MLS Chicago Fire when his show was titled "Chicago Fire." Hopes they win a title.

Probably good marketing for the soccer team.

#ChicagoFire producer Dick Wolf is surly. In other news, sky is blue; grass is green.

In the past 22 years, I've never once see the man look happy.

First two questions about #AnimalPractice are about the monkey.

Because everyone loves monkeys.

They're trying very hard on the #AnimalPractice panel. I dunno. Adding Joanna Garcia was a good move. Love her.

Revamped pilot was an improvement on the original.

• Bobby Lee sez boa constrictor tried to kill him on #AnimalPractice. But no animals were harmed during the filming of that episode.

And that's what really counts.

• And the monkey arrives onstage with a card that sez, "Last question." He waves to critics. Hearts melt. Awwww ....

Because everyone loves monkeys.

• "You just stay away from the tiger because the tiger sprays," sez Joanna Garcia. Sound advice.

And, by the way, ick.

• #NBC's intriguing new show #Revolution is here. Really liked the pilot. Not sure where it's headed, but I definitely want to know.

If it lasts more than a couple of weeks.

• #Revolution is about a world where everything electrical no longer works. I'd die without TV.

Clearly. It's not just a job, it's an adventure ...

• TV has "room for really smart storylines" on network TV, sez #Revolution co-executive producer Jon Favreau. Hope he's right.

Fingers crossed.

• One of Kripke's inspirations for #Revolution was "The Lord of the Rings." OK ... I can see it.

A quest. Swords. Adventure. Etc.

• OK, all this stuff about #Revolution being an allegory and empowering is making me less interested.

I just want to be entertained!

• #TheNewNormal is here, about gay dads. Perfect programming for KSL, I'm sure.

At least the title isn't "The Playboy Club."

• "If they watch the show, I actually think they'd love it," Ryan Murphy sez of anti-gay group One Million Moms boycott of #NewNormal.

Yeah ... I'm thinking they wouldn't. I don't love it, and I'm not anti-gay.

• My mom used to make we wear socks with shoes. Ryan Murphy, Andrew Rannells, you look uncomfortable.

And sort of weird.

• Ryan Murphy sez he "stands on the shoulders" of gay couple in #ModernFamily. Metaphorically, of course.

'Nuff said.

• "If someone's loosely playing you, you want them to be much better looking," Ryan Murphy sez re: Andrew Rannells.

And he's not kidding. Rannels is MUCH better looking.

• Matthew Perry is here with his new sitcom #GoOn. It's from the producers of #Joey.

They were also producers of "Friends." But they did produce "Joey."

• "Scott [Silveri] created a show that's better for me than the one I created for myself," Matthew Perry sez re: "Mr. Sunshine."

That remains to be seen. I'm kind of iffy on the "Go On" pilot.

• "What the best role you've ever had?" critic asks. "Well, it would just be stupid not to say - this one," Matthew Perry replies.


• "It's either this or 'The Whole Ten Yards,'" Perry continues ...

Ha, ha!

• NBC announces a 10-episode #Dracula series. Jonathan Rhys Meyers stars. A "really cool version of Dracula," network promises.

I'm intrigued.

• Now it's #ReadyForLove, some sort of reality/dating show. #KillMeNow

Oh, puh-leeze ...

• If you like dating shows, more power to you. I'm bored/repulsed, for the most part.


• #ReadyForLove dating coach insists it's "better than real life." And educational, apparently, teaching Americans how to date. Right.

This was a really weird session.

• The panelists from #ReadyForLove are having a much better time than anybody else in the room. That's a very bad sign.

It's an almost sure indicator that a show is going to fail.

From my friend Andy Dehnart: "I feel serious about all of my women," says a Ready for Love cast member, in answer to a question about why he calls them "my girls." Wow.

He had no clue why there were groans around the room.

• It's #StarsEarnStripes - reality show with celebrities going to boot camp. Supposed to be a tribute to men/women in uniform.

I'm unconvinced as to how much of a tribute it actually is. We'll see.

• Todd Palin is a "star" (?) in "Stars and Stripes," which is all patriotic. Didn't he want Alaska to secede from the union?

Just wondering ...

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