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Today was our final day at Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center. Once again, some little child had an "accident" in the pool, and everything was shut down for 45 minutes. This has been happening with more frequency, and phone calls with suggestions have gone unanswered.

Every hour, the pool is shut down for 5 minutes so people can take care of any issues they may have. The problem is that the public has not been informed what this time out is for, so "accidents" continue. So little children have their accidents in the pool, and everyone else is put out because irresponsible parents are not educated.

We now go to Murray Park. The Park Center also shuts down its pool every hour for a "pool check," but there a loudspeaker explains the reason for the break: to "take your children to the restroom, change diapers, locate your children." Information — what a concept!

A lot of us are fed up with the problem at Cottonwood, which obviously doesn't have a clue what to do. How sad.

Scott Schannon

Salt Lake City

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