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The Utes like to keep things light during camp and often have contests at the end of practice. On Tuesday, Utah coach Kyle Whittingham brought out a baseball and bat and had a catching contest. Needless to say, the offensive linemen didn't fare so well. While it was supposed to be a game for the players, Whittingham looked like he was having the most fun. Whittingham, who played baseball for Provo High, insisted he could have hit it over the fence if he wanted to do so. "It's my favorite sport in the world," he said. We're assuming he meant his favorite other than the one that gives him a nice paycheck. You can see video of him here, albeit it was taken from a distance. Asked who he'd take on his baseball team, his answer was quick. "Jake Murphy," he said, of the Utes' tight end whose father is Dale Murphy, a two-time National League MVP.

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