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It was only a matter of time given the weak winter snowpack and paltry moisture since, but the Division of Wildlife Resources has finally announced fishing regulation changes at waters across the state due to the drought. Many of the changes are due to dam work and other water storage issues. DWR Director Jim Karpowitz announced the emergency changes during the Utah Wildlife Board meeting Thursday and had this list sent to me Friday. Kind of surprised I hadn't heard about these earlier, but glad to have the info just the same. DWR officials encourage anglers to check the fishing regulation page on the website for up to the moment changes. Here is a run down of the changes.

Echo Reservoir - The daily and limit possesion has been increased to eight effective through Jan. 1, 2013. Echo is low due to work on the dam and it is possible the reservoir will lose fish, thus the increased limits.

Kens Lake near Moab has also had its daily and possession limit bumped up to eight fish through Jan. 1. Low water will continue to drop and will impact stocked rainbows.

The Right Hand Fork of the Logan River is going to be chemically treated to remove non-native brown trout in favor of native Bonneville cutthroat trout. The limit will be eight trout through Jan. 1.

Mill Meadow Reservoir will be drained for dam work and the limit has been pushed to eight fish daily and in possession through Jan. 1.

Navajo Lake is home to some big trout, but issues with a failed dike will take the popular fishery to lower than normal levels. Anglers can keep eight fish through Jan. 1.

Panguitch Creek will be shut off at Panguitch Lake in mid-September. Anglers will be allowed to keep eight fish through Jan. 1.

The Middle Fork of the Sheep Creek Drainage in the Uintas will be treated in September. Anglers will be alows to keep eight fish at Sprit Lake as a result through Jan. 1.

UM Creek below Forsyth Reservoir will be shut off in September. The limit has been bumped up to eight fish through Jan. 1.

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