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In case everyone forgot, Matt Austin is a featured wide receiver.

Of course, in an effort to keep him fit and healthy for the season, which begins in two weeks against Southern Utah, not many have seen that in a scrimmage setting. He hasn't gotten many reps, as what Gary Andersen terms "a known commidity", which extends to many of the first teamers who have been there and done that under pressure.

Austin received reps on Saturday: A lot of them. He also caught four passes for 75 yards and a touchdown. He displayed why he will receive many a double-team when the schedule begins. He showed more speed than he's had in the past, as well as his sure hands, which have always been on the sticky side.

"It's been good," Austin said. "It feels good to get out there and show the fans what I can do. Some people haven't been getting a lot of snaps in the scrimmages, so if feels good to get out there and play a little bit."

Austin will be one of the top options in Utah State's offense two weeks from now. He and Kerwynn Williams have been two of the guys who haven't played a lot in scrimmages.

Tony Jones

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