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Utah's Department of Workforces Service on Monday kicked off a new program designed to help veterans get credit for their military work when they seek state licenses or higher education.

The Accelerated Credentialing Program for Veterans (ACE) was launched at Utah Valley University by Workforce Services and its partners.

Essentially, it means that veterans' representatives at Workforce Services will help vets get credit for the training and work they did in the military.

For instance, vets who drove trucks or were medics could have an easier time getting licensed to work as truck drivers or emergency medical technicians, said Curt Stewart, an agency spokesman.

"We have not locked in on any professions," he said. "It will be case by case."

Nearly every Workforce Services employment center has a veterans representative who can work individually with veterans, he said.

"It's a unique program for Utah and getting people back to work quickly when they return from service," Stewart said.

William A. Sederburg, who retired Aug. 1 as commissioner of higher education, signed off on the plan, Stewart said.

The idea is that the schools will help veterans get their official training records so school admission offices can decide whether to grant credit or allow the vet to test out of certain academic requirements.

Gov. Gary Herbert first announced plans for the program last November.

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