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Pussy Riot — whose members were just sentenced to 2 years in prison for a protest aimed at Putin — shares their new song, "Putin Lights Up the Fires," with the world HERE:

This is the punk group's first musical piece since the "Virgin Mary, Please Drive Putin Away" for which three members were found guilty of hooliganism driven by religious hatred and sentenced to two years in jail.

The Guardian has edited the new song to a montage of Pussy Riot members and their supporters.

Excerpt from Pussy Riot's "Putin Lights Up the Fires": (translation credit: @Russian_Market)This state may be stronger than time in jail.The more arrests, the happier it is.Every arrest is carried out with love for the sexistWho botoxed his cheeks and pumped his chest and abs.But you can't nail us in the coffin. Throw off the yoke of former KGB!Putin is lighting the fires of revolutionHe's bored and scared of sharing silence with the peopleWith every execution: the stench of rotten ashWith every long sentence: a wet dreamThe country is going, the country is going into the streets boldlyThe country is going, the country is going to bid farewell to the regimeThe country is going, the country is going, like a feminist wedgeAnd Putin is going, Putin is going to say goodbye like a sheep

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