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Love to speak at GOP convention. Reid to headline LDS Dems convention event. 77 days to the election.

Happy Tuesday. The Republican National Committee announced this morning that Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love will speak a week from today at the party's national convention in Tampa, a prime spot for the candidate seeking to topple six-term Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson. Love's coveted spot comes on the same night as New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte will take the stage and a day before vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan is expected to speak. Robert Gehrke has the details here: [Trib]. (FYI: To Utah politicos and news outlets wondering, the RNC announced Love's spot via its iPhone app this morning at 5:30 a.m. Utah time.)

Topping the news: The Washington Post profiles Romney's time as a Mormon bishop and stake president, noting that it shows devotion to a faith unlike any other presidential candidates and one that helped shape him. [WaPost]

-> The Boston Globe looks at Romney opening up more about his Mormon faith as a way to appeal to voters. [Globe]

-> While Republicans will nominate their first Mormon presidential candidate in Tampa, Democrats will show that they have Mormon love, too, during the Charlotte convention. The LDS Dems group will hold an event with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid during the Democrats gathering. [Trib] [NYTimes]

-> Sen. Orrin Hatch is again being charged with avoiding debates, this time by Democratic opponent Scott Howell. Hatch's team says there just isn't any time to debate. [Trib]

Tweet of the day: From @BenWinslow: "Did Google+ go down and I'm the only one who noticed it?"

Happy Birthday: To state Rep. Michael Morley and Kat Boden Dayton.

Spotted: Lahav Ardi, a nine-year-old from Salt Lake City, at the White House for the first Kids State Dinner. Ardi won a spot at the dinner with his Lentil Veggie Soup. The Trib's Kathy Stephenson previously wrote about Ardi's invitation here: [Trib]

In other news: A legislative committee denies a fee waiver to the Utah Democratic Party over its request for redistricting documents and then Democrats deny the Utah Republican Party's offer to pay for the costs itself. [Trib] [DNews] [Herald] [ABC4] [KUTV] [Fox13] [UtahPolicy]

-> Utah tops the states in donations to charity, a finding that correlates with the LDS Church's dominance in Utah and its requirement of 10 percent tithing. [APviaTrib]

-> Defense attorneys for a former Utah GOP activist accused of rape are asking a judge to reduce his bail. [Trib]

-> Pat Bagley offers his take on Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin's comments on "legitimate rape." [Trib]

-> Robert Kirby says its neither Republicans nor Democrats at fault for America's problems — it's all of us. [Trib]

-> Three members of the SL Council have proposed alternatives to Mayor Ralph Becker's neighborhood bars plan. [DNews]

-> Orem residents against a proposed tax increase want to get a referendum on a future ballot that would freeze any hike. [Herald]

-> Supporters of an convention "anchor hotel" for Salt Lake City say it will help put Utah on the map for future gatherings. [DNews]

-> The SLC Council wants to find a way to push the Move to Amend ballot initiative but since it can't be on the general election ballot may try to do a straw poll of voters. [Trib]

Convention-al news: While the GOP convention is still a few days away, party leaders were already sitting down in Tampa to hammer out details of the platform to be presented to delegates. [WaPost]

-> Robert Gehrke notes the potential for a hurricane to hit the GOP convention in Tampa next week, something that wouldn't have happened if the convention had gone to SLC. [Trib]

2012 watch: Romney supports auditing the Federal Reserve. [WashTimes]

-> Despite all the hype about Obama's fundraising goals, Romney and the GOP are now ahead in the cash race. [NYTimes]

-> Obama's senior adviser, David Axelrod, says Romney wants to dish out criticism but doesn't want to be criticized. [Politico]

-> Obama makes a rare appearance in the White House briefing room and denounces the "legitimate rape" comment. [WaPost]

-> Romney and running mate Paul Ryan hold a town hall in the swing state of New Hampshire and assail Obama's record. [UnionLeader]

-> Obama's finesse with help in the foreclosure crisis may haunt him and the economy. [NYTimes]

-> NBA employees have given more money to Romney than to basketball-loving Obama. [Politico]

-> Obama's re-election campaign has been roiled by disagreements and personal rivalries, according to a new book by Politico and Random House. [Politico]

-> Obama says his campaign never called Romney a felon, though a top campaign official did essentially throw it out there. [DailyCaller]

Where are they?

Rep. Jason Chaffetz meets with district staff in Provo.

Gov. Gary Herbert hosts the Envision Utah Quality Growth awards at the Governors Mansion, meets with his communication team and then sits down with TAC Air and Lt. Gov. Greg Bell.

Bell hits the Commission on Volunteering executive meeting, speaks at the Association of Legal Administrators and sits down for an education meeting.

SL Co. Mayor Peter Corroon accepts the Envision Utah Quality Growth award for the Salt Palace solar project, hits the County Council meetings and later heads to the Willow Creek Community Council meeting.

SLC Mayor Ralph Becker meets with SLC Councilman Kyle LaMalfa and Downtown Alliance Executive Director Jason Mathis. Later, Becker meets with Stacy and Whitbeck Inc. President John Bollier and then heads to the City Council meeting.

WVC Mayor Mike Winder heads to the City Council meeting.

President Barack Obama heads to Columbus, Ohio to speak at a campaign event at Capital University and then travels to Reno, Nev., for another campaign rally at the Truckee Meadows Community College. The president spends the night in Henderson, Nev.

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