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Detecting targets in roadway intersections, patent No. 8,248,272, invented by David V. Arnold of Provo, Bryan R. Jarrett of Pleasant Grove, Thomas W. Karlinsey of American Fork, Ryan L. Smith of Salem, and Jonathan L. Waite of Orem, assigned to WaveTronix of Lindon.

Delay units and methods of making the same, patent No. 8,245,643, invented by John Childs of Granby, Conn., and Lawrence J. Shank, III of East Hartland, Conn., assigned to Dyno Nobel Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Flow control valve and method of use, patent No. 8,245,727, invented by Richard J. Mooney of Salt Lake City.

Quantum fluid transfer system, patent No. 8,245,728, invented by Stephen C. Jacobsen of Salt Lake City, and Shane Olsen of Farmington, assigned to Raytheon Company of Waltham, Mass.

Electrical box with recessed faceplate, patent No. 8,245,862, invented by Clark H. Gates, II of Parowan.

Explosion resistant gas tank design, patent No. 8,245,863, invented by Dennis Pearlstein of Draper.

Investing funds from pre-paid payment accounts, patent No. 8,245,939, invented by William Call of Afton, Wyo., Kristen Call of Mesa, Ariz., and Clayton Field Call of Roy, assigned to Ifuel LLC of Afton, Wyo.

Concrete panel mold having reinforced lower support gasket for vertically forming concrete panels, patent No. 8,246,002, invented by William Brent Baker of Heber, Mike Sharp of Sandy, David McKay Balls of Oakley, and Daniel M. Balls of Oakley, assigned to Verti-Crete, LLC of Sandy.

Apparatus having two functions, patent No. 8,246,181, invented by Brittany Davis of Genola, Peter On of Corvallis, Ore., Glen A. Oross of Corvallis, Ore., and John Gilman of Corvallis, Ore., assigned to Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. of Houston, Texas.

Plyometric jumping exercise game apparatus and method of use, patent No. 8,246,521, invented by Mark Alexander of Paradise, Jerry K. Leipheimer of Sharpsville, Pa., and John M. Salvitti of Venetia, Pa., assigned to John M. Salvitti of Venetia, Pa.

Imaging method utilizing attenuation and speed parameters in inverse scattering techniques, patent No. 8,246,543, invented by Steven A. Johnson of Salt Lake City, David T. Borup of Salt Lake City, and James W. Wiskin of Salt Lake City, assigned to CVUS Clinical Trials, LLC of Salt Lake City.

Multifunctional second instrument for cataract removal, patent No. 8,246,644, invented by Paul W. Rockley of Corona Del Mar, Calif., and Randall J. Olson of Salt Lake City, assigned to Abbott Medical Optics Inc. of Santa Ana, Calif.

Transfacet fixation assembly and related surgical methods, patent No. 8,246,654, invented by Armando Varela of Boca Raton, Fla., assigned to U.S. Spine, Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Releasible attachment system for a prosthetic limb, patent No. 8,246,693, invented by Kent N. Bachus of Salt Lake City, and Jeremy D. Borchert of Holladay, assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation of Salt Lake City.

Methods of fabricating polycrystalline diamond elements and compacts using SP2-carbon-containing particles, patent No. 8,246,701, invented by Michael A. Vail of Genola, assigned to US Synthetic Corporation of Orem.

Alkali metal super ionic conducting ceramic, patent No. 8,246,863, invented by Shekar Balagopal of Sandy, and Marc Flinders of West Valley, assigned to Ceramatec, Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Methods and devices for sustained in-vivo release of an active agent, patent No. 8,246,949, invented by John Higuchi of Salt Lake City, S. Kevin Li of Salt Lake City, William I. Higuchi of Salt Lake City, and Matthew S. Hastings of Midvale, assigned to Aciont, Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Circulation of algal broth by thermally induced convection, patent No. 8,247,212, invented by Mark P. Muir of Venice, Calif., Alan D. Eastman of Salt Lake City, and Randy Balik of Hermosa Beach, Calif., assigned to Greenfire Partners LLC of Venice, Calif.

Systems and methods for removing catalyst and recovering free carboxylic acids after transesterification reaction, patent No. 8,247,585, invented by Justin Pendleton of Salt Lake City, Sai Bhavaraju of West Jordan, and Kean Duffey of Salt Lake City, assigned to Ceramatec, Inc of Salt Lake City.

Resistively heated small planar filament, patent No. 8,247,971, invented by Erik C. Bard of Lehi, and Sterling W. Cornaby of Springville, assigned to Moxtek, Inc. of Orem.

Configurable IC'S with large carry chains, patent No. 8,248,102, invented by Jason Redgrave of Mountain View, Calif., Herman Schmit of Palo Alto, Calif., Steven Teig of Menlo Park, Calif., Brad L. Hutchings of Provo, and Randy R. Huang of Morgan Hill, Calif., assigned to Tabula, Inc. of Santa Clara, Calif.

Nano fractal diffuser, patent No. 8,248,696, invented by Michael Lines of Cedar Hills, Eric W. Gardner of Eagle Mountain, and Mark Davis of Springville, assigned to Moxtek, Inc. of Orem.

Audio-related system communication protocol, patent No. 8,249,071, invented by Richard Allen Kreifeldt of South Jordan, John Lee of Salt Lake City, William A. Plunkett of Granger, Ind., Timothy J. Shuttleworth of Woodland Hills, Calif., Andrew Stevenson of Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom, Bruce Vander Werf of Elkhart, Ind., and Howard Scott Zollinger of Lehi, assigned to Harman International Industries, Incorporated of Northridge, Calif.

In-situ jitter tolerance testing for serial input output, patent No. 8,249,137, invented by James E. Jaussi of Hillsboro, Ore., Bryan K. Casper of Portland, Ore., and Stephen R. Mooney of Mapleton, assigned to Intel Corporation of Santa Clara, Calif.

X-ray tube rotating anode, patent No. 8,249,219, invented by Todd S. Parker of Kaysville, assigned to Varian Medical Systems, Inc. of Palo Alto, Calif.

User interface method for skew correction, patent No. 8,249,391, invented by Donald B. Curtis of Highland, assigned to Operations, Inc. of Provo.

Low-IF integrated data receiver and associated methods, patent No. 8,249,543, invented by G. Tyson Tuttle of Austin, Texas, and Dan B. Kasha of Salt Lake City, assigned to Silicon Laboratories Inc. of Austin, Texas.

Computer-readable medium product label apparatus and method, patent No. 8,249,919, invented by David R. Montague of Mapleton, assigned to Etagz, Inc. of Provo.

Method and apparatus for managing a distributed computing environment, patent No. 8,250,131, invented by Darren W. Pulsipher of Alpine, assigned to Cadence Design Systems, Inc. of San Jose, Calif.

Techniques for flexible resource authentication, patent No. 8,250,633, invented by Srinivas Vedula of Orem, Larry Hal Henderson of Orem, and Stephen Kent Winn of Orem, assigned to EMC Corporation of Hopkinton, Mass.

Elastomeric bone cordage, patent No. D665,576, invented by Karl Hellberg of Logan.

Wall shelf with integrated grab bar, patent No. D665,611, invented by Scott Blakley of Strongsville, Ohio, assigned to Lifetime Products Inc. of Clearfield.

Strapping system, patent No. D665,723, invented by Jedediah Robert Hale of Wellington.

Ear cup for eyeglass shaped headphones, patent No. D665,776, invented by Richard P. Alden of Park City, and Peter M. Kelly of Park City, assigned to Skullcandy, Inc. of Park City.

Headband for eyeglass shaped headphones, patent No. D665,777, invented by Richard P. Alden of Park City, and Peter M. Kelly of Park City, assigned to Skullcandy, Inc. of Park City.

Double-bladed fish tool, patent No. D665,869, invented by Gary G. Kuhlmann of Santa Clara.


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