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If you want some weird reading, check out Eriq Gardner's account on his Hollywood Reporter blog about the ongoing lawsuit by Joyce McKinney against filmmaker Errol Morris.

McKinney, you may remember, was the former Wyoming beauty queen who was at the center of the '70s British tabloid scandal known as "the Case of the Manacled Mormon."

McKinney was accused of kidnapping an LDS missionary – whom she formerly dated – and taking him to a remote Devon cottage. There, according to the lurid press accounts of the time, she tied him up and forced him to have sex. (What really happened is shrouded in mystery, as the former missionary has never spoken publicly about it.)

McKinney told her story to Morris in an interview that formed the basis of his documentary "Tabloid."

But now, in legal papers, McKinney accuses Morris and the film's producers of misrepresenting themselves, stealing materials from her, and other beastly behavior.

Gardner digs into the details of the accusations, and finds some pretty crazy stuff. Read and enjoy.

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