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Environmentally friendly animal litter, patent No. 8,251,016, invented by Chett Boxley of Park City, and Jessica McKelvie of Sandy, assigned to Ceramatec, Inc. of Salt Lake City.

3D fabrication of needle tip geometry and knife blade, patent No. 8,250,729, invented by Sung K. Lee of Salt Lake City, and Charles L. Thomas of Salt Lake City, assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation of Salt Lake City.

Measuring mechanism in a bore hole of a pointed cutting element, patent No. 8,250,786, invented by David R. Hall of Provo, Ronald B. Crockett of Payson, and Thomas Morris of Spanish Fork.

Dent removal tool, patent No. 8,250,899, invented by Hamid Janversan of Salt Lake City, assigned to H&S Autoshot Manufacturing Company Ltd. of Georgetown, Calif.

Screw-top air freshener, patent No. 8,251,299, invented by Aaron Irvin of Salt Lake City, assigned to American Covers, Inc. of Draper.

Peripheral dial sprinkler controller, patent No. 8,251,300, invented by Chadwick L. Wilson of Woods Cross, assigned to Orbit Irrigation Products, Inc. of North Salt Lake.

Choke transfer valve trim, patent No. 8,251,348, invented by Jeffrey C. Robison of Provo, and Frank Redd of Orem, assigned to Caldera Engineering, LC of Provo.

Axle and suspension, patent No. 8,251,384, invented by Mark A. Christensen of Salt Lake City, and George F. McHugh, III of Salt Lake City, assigned to Other Planet Products, Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Continuously variable transmission with multiple outputs, patent No. 8,251,863, invented by Eric L. Faulring of Alexandria, Va., Thomas Moyer of Salt Lake City, Julio Santos-Munne of Glenview, Ill., Alexander Makhlin of Chicago, Ill., J. Edward Colgate of Evanston, Ill., and Michael Peshkin of Evanston, Ill., assigned to HDT Robotics, Inc. of Fredericksburg, Va.

Exercise systems for simulating real-world terrain, patent No. 8,251,874, invented by Darren C. Ashby of Richmond, Scott R. Watterson of Logan, Kirk Lorrigan of Millville, and William T. Dalebout of Logan, assigned to ICON Health & Fitness, Inc. of Logan.

Device and method for radial pressure determination, patent No. 8,251,925, invented by John P. Keady of Boca Raton, Fla., and Wayne Staab of Dammeron Valley, assigned to Personics Holdings Inc. of Boca Raton, Fla.

System and method for facet joint replacement, patent No. 8,252,027, invented by Joel R. Helgerson of Providence, assigned to GMedelaware 2 LLC of Audubon, Pa.

Spinal implant with elliptical articulatory interface, patent No. 8,252,058, invented by John P. Bernero of Round Rock, Texas, assigned to Amedica Corporation of Salt Lake City.

Microelectronic substrate cleaning systems with polyelectrolyte and associated methods, patent No. 8,252,119, invented by Joseph N. Greeley of Boise, Idaho, Nishant Sinha of Boise, Idaho, Lukasz Hupka of Salt Lake City, Timothy A. Quick of Boise, Idaho, and Prashant Raghu of Boise, Idaho, assigned to Micron Technology, Inc. of Boise, Idaho.

Water enhancement system, patent No. 8,252,172, invented by David Hall of Manti.

Highly fluorinated oils and surfactants and methods of making and using same, patent No. 8,252,778, invented by Yihua Yu of Ellicott City, Md., and Zhong-Xing Jiang of Dundalk, Md., assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation of Salt Lake City.

Transistors for replacing metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors in nanoelectronics, patent No. 8,253,168, invented by Mark S. Miller of Salt Lake City, Justin B. Jackson of Salt Lake City, Divesh Kapoor of Salt Lake City, and Justin Millis of Salt Lake City, assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation of Salt Lake City.

Structures for reducing dopant out-diffusion from implant regions in power devices, patent No. 8,253,194, invented by James Pan of West Jordan, assigned to Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation of South Portland, Maine.

Resistance bridge architecture and method, patent No. 8,253,427, invented by Richard W. Walker of Alpine, assigned to Fluke Corporation of Everett, Wash.

Contact handling systems, including automated return contact response reminders, patent No. 8,254,558, invented by Brian Douglas Minert of Orem, Paul Jarman of Salt Lake City, James Andrew Judkins of Centerville, and Joseph Allan Dean of Crofton, Md., assigned to Incontact, Inc. of Midvale.

Detection of vehicle operation under adverse conditions, patent No. 8,255,113, invented by Gregory J. Boss of American Fork, Peter G. Finn of Brampton, Calif., Rick A. Hamilton, II of Charlottesville, Va., Brian M. O'Connell of Cary, N.C., James W. Seaman of Falls Church, Va., and Keith R. Walker of Austin, Texas, assigned to International Business Machines Corporation of Armonk, N.Y.

Mechanism for supporting indexed tagged content in a general-purpose data store, patent No. 8,255,432, invented by Mark D. Ackerman of Eagle Mountain, Nadeem Ahmad Nazeer of Orem, and Stephen R. Carter of Spanish Fork, assigned to Oracle International Corporation of Redwood City, Calif.

Security for mobile devices in a wireless network, patent No. 8,255,681, invented by Brett Thomas Molen of West Jordan, Jan M. DeHoop of Sandy, Nichol Fife Draper of West Jordan, and Richard L. Ehlers of Park City, assigned to Ibahn General Holdings Corporation of Salt Lake City.

Verified personal information database, patent No. 8,255,978, invented by Richard Dick of Alpine, assigned to Innovatrend, Inc. of Alpine.

Toilet paper holder with integrated grab bar, patent No. D666,036, invented by Scott Blakley of Strongsville, Ohio, assigned to Lifetime Products Inc. of Clearfield.

Towel support with integrated grab bar, patent No. D666,042, invented by Scott Blakley of Strongsville, Ohio, assigned to Lifetime Products, Inc. of Clearfield.

Antenna, patent No. D666,178, invented by Richard E. Schneider of Wildwood, Mo., John Edwin Ross, III of Moab, Corey Feit of St. Louis, Mo., and Dale Picolet of House Springs, Mo., assigned to Antennas Direct, Inc. of Ellisville, Mo.


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