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I'm pro-choice, not pro-abortion. Women choose to have abortions for myriad reasons: poverty, fetal deformities or disease, rape or incest, to save the life of the mother. This decision is rarely taken lightly, and the restricted access in many states makes it more traumatic.

I am baffled that pockets of the GOP push to ban comprehensive sex education, which could reduce abortion rates.

I shudder at the possibility of a nation run by the GOP, with its anti-choice platform of no exceptions for abortions in conjunction with its stances on restricting help for the less fortunate. The GOP values the sanctity of life, until after birth.

Consider the Republican budget of Paul Ryan that the Republican-controlled House approved. It would have cut the Women, Infants and Children program by 10 percent, cut Medicaid by $770 billion (cutting 17 million out of Medicaid), cut the Children's Health Insurance Program, and made 200,000 kids ineligible for Head Start.

With 400,000 kids in foster care and 1.6 million homeless children who need help, where's the value for these children's quality of life?

So which way do you want it, GOP? Pro-life, or pro-cuts? You can't have both.

Jennifer Hunter

South Jordan

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