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Grant Bennett, who served as a counselor to Mitt Romney when he was an LDS bishop in his Belmont, Mass., ward, praised the presidential nominee Thursday as someone who devoted long hours serving members of his ward.

He said that Romney would arrange meals for injured members and meet with people who were jobless, sick, lonely or in financial distress. He counseled single mothers, couples with marital problems, addicted youth and immigrants away from their families.

Bennett said he would shovel snow and rake leaves for the elderly and sweep church floors.

"Mitt challenged each of us to find our life by losing it in service to others. He issued that challenge again and again," Bennett said. "Mitt taught faith in God, personal integrity, self-reliance and service to our fellow men. And Mitt did what he challenged us to do. He led by example. I treasure every minute we served together."

Robert Gehrke