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Sen. Orrin Hatch:

"He knocked it out of the park. He covered the waterfront on what needs to be done. He covered the problems we have but he was respectful to the president. … I think he's well on his way to winning over swing voters. He's going to reach them and he's going to win this thing."


Gayle Ruzicka, president of the Utah Eagle Forum:

"I loved the part where he talked about life, traditional marriage, supporting babies, supporting religious liberty. There were people who had to hear that and he came across serious. … I think he just converted a whole big group that needed to [hear that]. The spirit was there … you recognize the truth by listening to the spirit. [In five conventions] I haven't felt that way until now. The last time I felt this confident about anyone running for the presidency was Ronald Reagan."


Craig Janis, chairman of the Utah Democratic Mormon outreach:

"He attacked President Obama for wanting to use government to help people, then turned around and promised that if he's elected he'll use the government to help us. His message is muddled in every respect except that he wants us to vote for him."


Utah Republican Party Chairman Thomas Wright:

"It was a really touching moment for me to hear Mitt say he misses the days of the kids piled up in his bedroom. As a parent … It was a great reminder not to wish those away. … He's laying the case for what makes America great and you're seeing a clear choice between government solving your problems and individuals solving your problems."


Tim Bridgewater, former Utah County GOP chairman:

"I thought it was very, very strong in outlining the problems of the Obama administration. He had limited, clear proposals he is going to accomplish in office … [And he] pointed out that because the greatest moment for Obama supporters was the day they voted for him, it is a powerful, powerful reminder of the failures of the Obama administration."

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