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DNC faces weather challenges. Republicans ready to counter. 63 days to the election.

Happy Tuesday. While Hurricane Isaac, Ron Paul supporters and a surprise Clint Eastwood performance may have disrupted the flow of the Republican convention, the Democratic National Convention faces some threats of its own. Politico looks at the five potential landmines including what former President Bill Clinton will say and Occupy protestors. [Politico]

Topping the news: The DNC's "accessible and inclusive" outdoor venue runs the risk of turning away voters on Thursday night if the heavens open and rain causes a venue change. [LATimes]

-> A Republican "rapid response" unit is set up just outside of the DNC security perimeter, ready and willing to combat Democratic convention remarks. [FoxNews]

-> WVC Mayor Mike Winder pulls together a video of Republicans and reporters at the Republican Convention singing "Call Me Maybe." Cameos: Sens. Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee, Reps. Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz, Speaker Becky Lockhart, Gov. Gary Herbert and Robert Gehrke. [UtahPolicy]

Tweet of the day: From @carlwbz: "A convention volunteer kindly informs me that my empty parfait container can go in the recycle bin. Now I know I'm at the DNC."

Happy Birthday: to Leslie Reberg, Utah Senate candidate Deidre Henderson and Washington County Democratic Chairwoman Dorothy Engelman.

Democratic National Convention: The Democratic Party is expected to "come out" as the first major political party to officially endorse same-sex marriage. [SeattleTimes] Utah Democrats at the convention are split on the move. [Trib]

-> Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker's first convention was a Republican one. [Trib]

-> ABC4's Chris Vanocur compares the Republican and Democratic conventions and offers a bit of color from the delegates. [ABC4] And then he shows up to a Democratic party wearing a Romney t-shirt. [ABC4]

-> Utah doesn't have many Democratic stars at their convention in Charlotte. [KSL]

-> Rep. Jason Chaffetz joins the RNC chairman in a news conference to blast Democrats in Charlotte. [CBSNews]

-> While taking on the other party, Chaffetz wonders what goes on in the Senate "other than the Wednesday night bingo and wheelchair races." [BuzzFeed]

-> San Antonio's Julian Castro is to be first Latino to give the convention's keynote. [NYTimes]

-> Democratic Senate hopeful Scott Howell heads to Charlotte after being asked to speak at a faith devotional. [Trib]

-> A Utah delegate with a rare disease and no political experience heads to Charlotte to support the man she says will do the most to make health care affordable. [Trib]

-> Utah democrats take part in a bipartisan housing project that will grant the finished product to a lucky veteran. [Trib]

-> Two presumably disgruntled Bain employees are scheduled to speak at this year's convention. [FoxNews] [HuffPo]

-> A stolen Secret Service truck carrying portable metal detector's meant for Vice President Joe Biden's Labor Day speech has been recovered but the thief has yet to be found. [NYDNews] [ABCNews] [DetroitNews]

-> John Walsh, chairman of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, apologized after calling Republican Senator Scott Brown an "honorary girl" for his laundry-folding role in recent TV ads. [Globe] [BostonHerald] [WaPost]

2012 watch: Romney left Bain Capital with a rare tax exemption that few Americans can take advantage of. [WaPost]

-> Obama says Romney is attacking a "fictional Barack Obama" with his latest charges that the president disputes. [Yahoo]

-> The age-old political question is back: Are you better off now than you were four years ago? [APviaTrib] [NYTimes]

-> Romney support among Latino voters has grown to 30 percent. [Newsday]

-> The chairman of California Democratic Party compared Republicans to infamous Nazi Joseph Goebbels, a statement the Obama campaign has distanced itself from. [LATimes] [WSJournal] [SFChronicle]

-> Democrats are struggling in North Carolina, a must-win state for Romney that's voted Republican since 1980. [BusinessWeek] And it appears the state's swing voters are most likely to be white men who've grown disenchanted with the Democratic incumbent. [CBSNews]

-> In preparation for the Oct. 11 vice presidential debate, Republicans depict Biden as hazardous to the throne. [APviaDailyHerald]

-> According to a new Gallup poll, only 38 percent of those surveyed considered Romney's convention speech to be "good or excellent." [LATimes]

In other news: Democratic congressional candidate Jay Seegmiller says it has been hard to grab any attention in his race against Republican Chris Stewart because the 4th District battle is sucking up all the oxygen. [UtahPolicy]

-> Rep. Jim Matheson received an endorsement from the National Federation of Independent Business, the country's leading small business association. [Fox13]

Where are they?

SL Co. Mayor Peter Corroon will meet with LDS Presiding Bishop Gary Stevenson.

SLC Mayor Ralph Becker is in Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention.

WVC Mayor Mike Winder will first meet with Utah League of Cities' Ken Bullock, sit down with Police Chief Buzz Nielsen, call on Stevenson and then attend the City Council meeting.

President Barack Obama speaks at a campaign event at Norfolk State University.

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