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Reading between the lines of the The Tribune editorial board's endorsement of Rep. Rob Bishop for re-election to Utah's 1st Congressional District, it sounds like the board thinks that Donna McAleer, Bishop's opponent, is better qualified. "There is just one thing Bishop has that McAleer doesn't have: seniority in Congress," which is important "if control of the U.S. House of Representatives stays with Republicans."

Seniority tips the scales? Seriously? So much for going with the best candidate. That's like a woman saying, "Yeah, my husband beats me, but he's a very good provider for me and the kids."

We'd tell that woman to get out of that dysfunctional relationship, even if it meant lowering her standard of living. Staying harms her and the children. Voters in the 1st District should do no less.

John McFarland


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