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In-mold protective helmet having integrated ventilation system, patent No. 8,256,032, invented by David T. Muskovitz of Park City.

Collapsible light-weight perforated partition, patent No. 8,256,488, invented by Kay Ruggles of Salt Lake City, and Kirby V. Rea of Salt Lake City, assigned to 3form Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Frequency-modifying muffler, patent No. 8,256,571, invented by Boyd L. Butler of Sandy.

Box template with integrated corner protectors, patent No. 8,256,620, invented by Hanko Kiessner of Salt Lake City, and Ryan Osterhout of West Haven, assigned to Packsize LLC of Salt Lake City.

Extendible garment hanger, patent No. 8,256,650, invented by Chad Sokol of Clearfield.

Live trim tabs, patent No. 8,256,710, invented by Garth L. Mason of Springville, Lane G. Taylor of American Fork, and Daniel E. Cooney of Springville, assigned to Spectrum Aeronautical LLC of Carlsbad, Calif.

Telescoping support stand apparatus, patent No. 8,256,732, invented by Nathan E. Young of Monroe, and Anthony A. Foster of Brookhaven, Miss., assigned to Primos Inc. of Flora, Miss.

Rotational milling chamber, patent No. 8,256,847, invented by David R. Hall of Provo, Jeff Jepson of Spanish Fork, Thomas Morris of Spanish Fork, David Wahlquist of Spanish Fork, and Daniel Balling of Provo.

Security safe light module, patent No. 8,256,917, invented by Michael W. Gammell of Spanish Fork, Ricky Lynn Brittain of Spanish Fork, and C. Russell Shaw of Springville.

Boat propeller shield, patent No. 8,257,121, invented by Guy Taylor of Duchesne.

Medical device for navigation through anatomy and method of making same, patent No. 8,257,279, invented by Clark C. Davis of Holladay, Stephen C. Jacobsen of Salt Lake City, Clay W. Northrop of Salt Lake City, Ted W. Layman of Park City, Kevin T. Olson of Salt Lake City, Edward J. Snyder of Park City, D. Kent Backman of Salt Lake City, and Todd H. Turnlund of Park City, assigned to Boston Scientific Scimed Inc. of Maple Grove, Minn.

Method and apparatus for providing a dynamically loaded force and/or a static progressive force to a joint of a patient, patent No. 8,257,283, invented by Robert Kaiser of St. George, assigned to Lantz Medical Inc. of Indianapolis, Ind.

Integrated septum and needle tip shield for a catheter assembly, patent No. 8,257,313, invented by Austin Jason McKinnon of Herriman, and Jeffrey Charles O'Bryan of Murray, assigned to Becton, Dickinson and Co. of Franklin Lakes, N.J.

Expandable intervertebral spacers and methods of use, patent No. 8,257,442, invented by Jason A. Edie of Salt Lake City, LLoyd Guyton Bowers Cooper of Birmingham, Ala., Jerrod Bradley Windham of Auburn, Ala., John Caleb Dawson of Chicago, Ill., and Don Byron Walker, II of Mucle Shoals, Ala., assigned to Warsaw Orthopedic Inc. of Warsaw, Ind.

High-purity hydrogen and electric power co-generation apparatus and method, patent No. 8,257,563, invented by Joseph J. Hartvigsen of Kaysville, assigned to Ceramatec Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Vascular access device time-sensitive status indication, patent No. 8,257,663, invented by Mark A. Crawford of Sandy, Marty L. Stout of South Jordan, and Weston F. Harding of Lehi, assigned to Becton, Dickinson and Co. of Franklin Lakes, N.J.

Systems and methods for treating fibromyalgia, patent No. 8,257,752, invented by Joe D. Kingsley of Castle Valley, assigned to DMA International Inc. of Moab.

Method of treating brain cancer, patent No. 8,258,145, invented by Sui Xiong Cai of San Diego, Calif., Mark B. Anderson of Salt Lake City, Adam Willardsen of Sandy, and Nilantha Sudath Sirisoma of San Diego, Calif., assigned to Myrexis Inc. of Salt Lake, City.

Heating unit for warming pallets, patent No. 8,258,443, invented by Thomas Caterina of Boise, Idaho, and David Naylor of Draper, assigned to 417 and 7/8 LLC of Park City.

Ray tracing a three-dimensional scene using a hierarchical data structure, patent No. 8,259,105, invented by Ingo Wald of Salt Lake City, Solomon Boulos of Salt Lake City, and Peter Shirley of Salt Lake City, assigned to The University of Utah Research Foundation of Salt Lake City.

Noninvasive measurement of carotenoids in biological tissue, patent No. 8,260,402, invented by Igor V. Ermakov of Salt Lake City, and Werner Gellerman of Salt Lake City, assigned to Longevity Link Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Automated storage system, patent No. 8,260,454, invented by Stanley J. Checketts of Providence, assigned to Boomerang Systems Inc. of Florham Park, N.J.

Method and system for managing spending through account allocation, patent No. 8,260,699, invented by Steven B. Smith of Holladay, Nicholas A. Thomas of Orem, and Warren M. Rosner of South Jordan, assigned to Finicity Corp. of South Jordan.

System and method for generating an unpredictable number using a seeded algorithm, patent No. 8,260,722, invented by Lee J. Peart of Epsom, United Kingdom, and Peter D. Saunders of Salt Lake City, assigned to American Express Travel Related Services Company Inc. of New York, N.Y.

Method and apparatus for capturing data from a backup image, patent No. 8,260,748, invented by Eugene Paul Manko of Auckland, New Zealand, Timothy Allan Wayper of Albany, New Zealand, and Robert Edwin Stutton of Sandy, assigned to Symantec Corp. of Mountain View, Calif.

Systems and methods for change tracking with multiple backup jobs, patent No. 8,260,752, invented by Russell R. Stringham of Orem, Jason Ivey of Lehi, and Erik Prusse of Highland, assigned to Symantec Corp. of Mountain View, Calif.

Systems, methods, and apparatus for automated mapping and integrated workflow of a controlled medical vocabulary, patent No. 8,260,779, invented by Darren S. Hudgins of Sandy, and Thomas A. Oniki of South Jordan, assigned to General Electric Co. of Schenectady, N.Y.

Naming scheme for media storage, patent No. 8,260,833, invented by Alain Dazzi of San Jose, Calif., and Arun Krishnan of Cupertino, Calif., assigned to Clarendon Foundation Inc. of Murray.

Apparatus, system and method for managing data in a storage device with an empty data token directive, patent No. 8,261,005, invented by David Flynn of Sandy, Jonathan Thatcher of Lehi, and Michael Zappe of Wheat Ridge, Colo., assigned to Fusion-io Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Apparatus, system and method for using multilevel cell solid-state storage as single-level cell solid-state storage, patent No. 8,261,158, invented by Jonathan Thatcher of Liberty Lake, Wash., David Flynn of Sandy, Ethan Barnes of Pleasant Grove, John Strasser of Syracuse, Robert Wood of Nwot, Colo., and Michael Zappe of Arvada, Colo., assigned to Fusion-io Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Dynamic insertion and removal of virtual software sub-layers, patent No. 8,261,254, invented by Randall R. Cook of Springville, assigned to Symantec Corp. of Mountain View, Calif.

Aroma nebulizing diffuser, patent No. D666,706, invented by Earl Vaughn Sevy of Cedar City.

Light box wrap, patent No. D666,757, invented by Kevin L. Fisher of Erda, and Jill A. Canales of Salt Lake City, assigned to 3form Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Corral panel, patent No. D666,781, invented by Nile H. Mecham of Heber City.


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