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Question of the day for Utah fans. Let's say Jordan Wynn's injury isn't serious, do you want him back as the starter? No doubt anyone with a pulse should feel awful for Wynn. I can't think of another athlete who has been through as many injuries as he has in such a short period of time. He has handled the situations remarkably well too, always answering questions and always being patient when he hears the same questions over and over again. But take away the sympathy for Wynn and focus on the physical aspect of the way Wynn and Jon Hays played Friday. Granted, part of Wynn's problems were an offensive line that performed as suspect as many feared it would. Utah State knew he wasn't keen on running and the Aggies focused on throwing everything they have. But how much better can the line get during a season? Won't all the teams in the Pac-12 try the same tactic, especially since it worked so well? The line can't get that much better and yes, the Pac-12 teams would come after him. Hays at least gave the Utes more of a dual threat presence. But this is what impressed me about Hays, not just his dual threat presence, but his PRESENCE. Watching Hays in the preseason, he raised some eyebrows with solid play in scrimmage and sharp throws. However, I'll be the first to admit I didn't think he could carry that kind of performance over to a game. I thought the same Hays that looked scared and unsure of himself against Cal would show up again when teams challenged him. Instead, Hays looked like a solid leader on the field Friday. Granted, I wouldn't put him in the same caliber as the top of the quarterbacks in the league, but I do think he is capable enough of starting for the Utes the rest of the season. So what about Travis Wilson? He is the future for the Utes it appears, but with Hays available, I bet the Utes will continue to work Wilson in gradually. Hays is experienced and has a strong arm, so it's predictable he would get the most of the snaps until it's evident he can't and then maybe the Utes should turn to Wilson. Should they turn back to Wynn? Judging from what we saw in the first half of the Aggies, that idea might be the hardest sell of all. - Lya Wodraska

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