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Utah folklore has it that, to secure statehood and become part of the American political system, Brigham Young or some other Mormon leader divided a congregation in the Tabernacle into two equal parts: One half was told they were now Republicans and the other half were Democrats. True or not, for a century Utah had its share of Democratic governors and members of Congress.

Recently, however, Utah has become so red that even great Democratic candidates don't have a chance. Case in point: this year's gubernatorial race.

Why is it that Utahns will most likely vote for Gov. Gary Herbert? He has not shown a vision, nor has he given us leadership.

Peter Cooke, on the other hand, is a highly respected two-star general and a known leader. He has a great desire to take Utah forward but needs the opportunity to do it. For those who care, he is also an active Mormon.

Yet, because Cooke is a Democrat his chances are slim. As an independent, I find this embarrassing. Isn't it time we look at the candidate instead of just the party?

Susan Marzec

Cottonwood Heights

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