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"Interesting that the proponents of mandatory voter ID are opposed to any type of national ID card."

— JudgeGraft

commenting on the Sept. 10 Tribune editorial, "The right to vote: Court right to void Texas law"

"I generally vote Democrat but I cannot vote for a candidate for high political office who has not graduated from college."

— SuperEllipsoid

commenting on the Sept. 9 Tribune endorsement of 2nd District congressional candidate Jay Seegmiller

"Would you vote for Steve Jobs or Bill Gates if they ran for something? They didn't graduate from college either."

— ryan darby

commenting on the above comment

"I find it ironic that Earl Dorius had to resign after accepting gifts — something members of the Utah Legislature do every day."

— ProudHumanist

commenting on the Sept. 13 Tribune editorial, "Liquor audit: A.G. should probe possible crimes"

"I'd like to see Mr. Herbert rethinking his employment this November."


commenting on the Sept. 12 article, "Guv rethinks naming EnergySolutions exec to waste oversight board"

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