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Intelligent electrical power distribution system, patent No. 8,264,369, invented by David R. Hall of Provo, and Craig Boswell of Provo, assigned to Schlumberger Technology Corporation of Houston, Texas.

Continuously adjusting resultant force in an excavating assembly, patent No. 8,261,471, invented by David R. Hall of Provo, Ronald B. Crockett of Payson, and Thomas Morris of Spanish Fork.

Rigid composite structure with a superhard interior surface, patent No. 8,261,480, invented by David R. Hall of Provo, Scott Dahlgren of Alpine, Ronald Crockett of Payson, Timothy C. Duke of Provo, Joshua Sensinger of Spanish Fork, Joe Fox of Spanish Fork, and Tyson J. Wilde of Spanish Fork.

Table, patent No. 8,261,676, invented by Ed VanNimwegen of North Ogden, and Donald Waite of North Ogden, assigned to Lifetime Products Inc. of Clearfield.

Powdered metal inlay, patent No. 8,261,767, invented by George H. Blume of Austin, Texas, assigned to Novatech Holdings Corp. of Salt Lake City.

Apparatus and methods for the recovery of hydrocarbonaceous and additional products from oil/tar sands, patent No. 8,261,831, invented by Michael D. Lockhart of Charlottesville, Va., and Ron McQueen of Park City, assigned to General Synfuels International Inc. of Delta, Colo.

Core barrel sonic latch mechanism and methods of sonic drilling using the same, patent No. 8,261,857, invented by Robert E. Able of Bozeman, Mont., and Thomas J. Oothoudt of Little Falls, Minn., assigned to Longyear TM Inc. of South Jordan.

Element containing thermally stable polycrystalline diamond material and methods and assemblies for formation thereof, patent No. 8,261,858, invented by Brian Atkins of Houston, Texas, Seth G. Anderle of Spring, Texas, Robert W. Arfele of Magnolia, Texas, Ram L. Ladi of Tomball, Texas, Brandon Paul Linford of Draper, Jason Keith Wiggins of Draper, Kevin Duy Nguyen of Riverton, Jiang Qian of Cedar Hills, Kenneth Eugene Bertagnolli of Riverton, Shawn Casey Scott of Payson, Debkumar Mukhopadhyay of Sandy, and Michael Alexander Vail of Genola, assigned to Halliburton Energy Services Inc. of Houston, Texas.

Package of disposable absorbent pants, patent No. 8,261,914, invented by Thomas R. Hooyman of Combined Locks, Wis., Jared M. Mackrory of Provo, Amanda J. Simon of Oshkosh, Wis., and Gregory J. Fries of Hubertus, Wis., assigned to Kimberly-Clark Worldwide Inc. of Neenah, Wis.

Apparatus for twisting a wing to increase lift on aircraft and other vehicles, patent No. 8,262,030, invented by Warren F. Phillips of Paradise, assigned to Utah State University of Logan.

Low movement trailer hitch, patent No. 8,262,121, invented by Kent F. Beck of Layton, assigned to Frog Marketing Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Multiple milling drums secured to the underside of a single milling machine, patent No. 8,262,168, invented by David R. Hall of Provo, and Thomas Morris of Spanish Fork.

Interlocking system for hanging decorative lights and fixtures, patent No. 8,262,264, invented by James Michael Cooper of Layton.

System and method for providing visual and audio alerts and cargo capacity on a personal transporter, patent No. 8,262,270, invented by David Purinton of Spanish Fork, Alex Purinton of Spanish Fork, Shayne Ashton of West Jordan, Gary Sivertsen of Salem, Mary Sivertsen of Salem, and Bryan Perry of Spanish Fork, assigned to Consultus LLC of Spanish Fork.

Piston systems having a flow path between piston chambers, pumps that include a flow path between piston chambers, and methods of driving pumps, patent No. 8,262,366, invented by Tom M. Simmons of Kamas, John M. Simmons of Marion, and David M. Simmons of Francis.

Twisted panel and apparatus for making or mounting same, patent No. 8,262,383, invented by Bryan Harris of Farmington, Kevin Fisher of Erda, Jeremy Porter of Salt Lake City, Venugopal R. Ghatikar of Salt Lake City, and Guillaume Martin of Villecresnes, France, assigned to 3form Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Arrow point alignment system, patent No. 8,262,518, invented by Teddy D. Palomaki of Park City, and Kenny R. Giles of West Valley City, assigned to Easton Technical Products Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Vascular access port with integral attachment mechanism, patent No. 8,262,630, invented by Jason R. Stats of Layton, assigned to C. R. Bard Inc. of Murray Hill, N.J.

Filling system and method for syringes with short needles, patent No. 8,262,641, invented by Lionel Vedrine of Ridgewood, N.J., Paul G. Alchas of Franklin Lakes, N.J., and Christopher N. Cindrich of Draper, assigned to Becton, Dickinson and Company of Franklin Lakes, N.J.

Methods for performing a tibial tubercle osteotomy, patent No. 8,262,664, invented by Daniel F. Justin of Logan, and E. Marlowe Goble of Alta, Wyo., assigned to Zimmer Inc. of Warsaw, Ind.

Drainage stent and associated method, patent No. 8,262,721, invented by Kristin Welborn of Charlotte, N.C., and Thomas Nissl of Winsen/Luhe, Germany, assigned to Merit Medical Systems Inc. of South Jordan.

Apparatus for the recovery of hydrocarbonaceous and additional products from oil shale and sands via multistage condensation, patent No. 8,262,866, invented by Michael D. Lockhart of Charlottesville, Va., and Ron McQueen of Park City, assigned to General Synfuels International Inc. of Delta, Colo.

Apparatus, methods and compositions for removing coatings from a metal component, patent No. 8,262,870, invented by David C. Fairbourn of Sandy, and Max Sorenson of Salt Lake City, assigned to Aeromet Technologies Inc. of Sandy.

Cleansing agent generator and dispenser, patent No. 8,262,872, invented by Ashok V. Joshi of Salt Lake City, and Shekar Balagopal of Sandy, assigned to Ceramatec Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Hollow carbon nanosphere-based secondary cell electrodes, patent No. 8,262,942, invented by Michael J. Wagner of Rockville, Md., Jonathan Cox of Alexandria, Va., Thomas McKinnon of Boulder, Colo., and Keith Gneshin of Salt Lake City, assigned to The George Washington University of Washington, District of Columbia.

Methods and compositions related to continuous flow thermal gradient PCR, patent No. 8,263,392, invented by Bruce Kent Gale of Taylorsville, Niel Davenport Crews of Ruston, La., and Carl Thomas Wittwer of Salt Lake City, assigned to the University of Utah Research Foundation of Salt Lake City.

Methods for analyzing lipids and membrane proteins in biological matter using stable isotopes and mass spectrometry, patent No. 8,263,413, invented by Andrew S. Hansen of Bountiful.

pH-sensitive polymeric micelles for drug delivery, patent No. 8,263,664, invented by Dongin Kim of Salt Lake City, Zhonggao Gao of Salt Lake City, Eun Seong Lee of Salt Lake City, and You Han Bae of Salt Lake City, assigned to the University of Utah Research Foundation of Salt Lake City.

Quinoline-oxazoline compounds and their use in oxidation synthesis, patent No. 8,263,774, invented by Matthew Scott Sigman of Salt Lake City, and Brian William Michel of Salt Lake City, assigned to the University of Utah Research Foundation of Salt Lake City.

System and method for comparing and reviewing documents, patent No. 8,264,502, invented by Lever Wang of Cupertino, Calif., Glenn Ricart of Salt Lake City, Cynthia Ann Thompson of Menlo Park, Calif., Keith Wishon of Los Angeles, Calif., and Sheldon Laube of Los Altos, Calif., assigned to Pricewaterhousecoopers LLP of New York, N.Y.

Apparatus and method for adjusting a duty cycle to save power in a computing system, patent No. 8,264,995, invented by Richard R. Winterton of Provo, assigned to Intel Corporation of Santa Clara, Calif.

System and method for manufacturing a punch-out RFID transaction device, patent No. 8,266,056, invented by Peter D. Saunders of Salt Lake City, assigned to American Express Travel Related Services Company Inc. of New York, N.Y.

Hashed indexing, patent No. 8,266,152, invented by Ronald P. Millett of Orem, assigned to Perfect Search Corporation of Orem.

Obtaining backups using a portable storage device, patent No. 8,266,453, invented by Clint Gordon-Carroll of Orem, Cody Cutrer of Saritoga Springs, and Jeremy Stanley of Orem, assigned to Decho Corporation of Pleasant Grove.

Low-density parity check decoding using combined check node and variable node, patent No. 8,266,493, invented by Ayyoob Abbaszadeh of Salt Lake City, and Ryan Hinton of Crozet, Va., assigned to L-3 Communications, Corp. of New York, N.Y.

Apparatus, system and method for managing data using a data pipeline, patent No. 8,266,496, invented by David Flynn of Sandy, Bert Lagerstedt of Pleasant Grove, John Strasser of Syracuse, Jonathan Thatcher of Lehi, and Michael Zappe of Wheat Ridge, Colo., assigned to Fusion-10 Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Apparatus, system and method for using multilevel cell storage in a single-level cell mode, patent No. 8,266,503, invented by Robert Wood of Niwot, Colo., and Jea Woong Hyun of South Jordan, assigned to Fusion-io of Salt Lake City.

UDP communication with a programmer interface over wireless networks, patent No. 8,266,677, invented by Darren L. Wesemann of North Salt Lake, Joel E. Hull of Bountiful, and Olaf D. Jensen of West Valley City, assigned to Intellisync Corporation of San Jose, Calif.


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