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Jordan Wynn's time as a Utah quarterback is over, but his time with the Utes is not. Even while admitting it is hard to be at practice and stand on the sidelines, Wynn said during his media conference Tuesday he wants to help Travis Wilson and Jon Hays get ready for BYU and the rest of the games ahead of the Utes. "The main thing for them is to try and stay poised," he said. "Jon was there last year so he has a taste of the environment. It's Travis' first time but both of them can do it. The big thing is handling the emotions in the game and not getting too riled up. I'll be on the sidelines making sure they stay calm and not get too wound up."Whether it was Kyle Whittingham, Norm Chow or Brian Johnson, Wynn often has been described as a film rat, a guy who always does his part off the field to make sure his team is ready on it. Perhaps now that trait can help his teammates. The general expectation is Jon Hays will start Saturday against the Cougars, but Wynn said Travis Wilson could handle the job as well. "I'd tell him to go play," he said of his advice to Wilson. "He will be fine. I will be there on the sidelines to help him out but there is no secret formula or anything like that. He was recruited here for a reason, he'll be fine." Wilson is the young gun, the guy getting a few snaps here and there but he is thought to be the future of Utah football. If that future comes sooner rather than later, Wilson will be all right because he already has a good grasp of the offense, Wynn said. "He went the right route by graduating early and getting here early and observing everything," Wynn said. "I've helped him as much as I can, it's what is best for the team, and I'll help him along the way now but he'll be fine. He is a true freshman and some things might happen overall, but he's going to be a great player." As for his own future, Wynn said he'll get his shoulder fixed for a fourth time then get on with life. His shoulder capsule is so wrecked it won't keep everything in place when he gets hit on the football field, but it is Ok in other things such as his other favorite sport, golf. "I played golf all summer and it felt fine," he said. "That is what makes me wonder. But the guy just hit me in the right spot and when I hit the ground, it was rattling around and loose. I knew it was severely damaged but I wasn't paying any attention to the thought it could be a career ender. I was just worried about what was going to happen."


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