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Jon Huntsman supporters launched Horizon PAC last year with the slogan, "Maybe Someday," expressing the hope that someday there would be a new generation of leaders who would actually tackle the big issues.

That day appears to be over.

The Horizon PAC this week officially dissolved itself as a political action committee in Utah, telling the state that it will "no longer be engaging in political activities."

The PAC can always reactivate and raise and expend funds again at some point, but the closing of the PAC also signals the Huntsman supporters had little use for a vehicle like that right now.

Zions Bank CEO Scott Anderson and PR guru Tim Riester were the duo behind the PAC, which was described as Huntsman's presidential "campaign in waiting," and used to pay vendors and staff of Huntsman's unsuccessful bid before he officially announced.

Anderson and Riester both tossed in $10,000 and Huntsman friend Dinesh Patel added another $5,000 to pay off legal and accounting fees before the officials zeroed out the PAC's account.

Some day for the Horizon PAC just didn't come.

— Thomas Burr @thomaswburr

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