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"Hey Mitt Romney, even Marie Antoinette thought the peasants deserved cake."

— SGardiner

commenting on the Sept. 19 Tribune editorial, "American tragedy: Romney seems clueless, heartless"

"Wait. Does this make Ryan 'Lovey'?"

— Dee Oltman

commenting on the David Brooks column, "Thurston Howell Romney"

"Romney is looking to give people a hand up, not a hand out like Obama. That's a big difference."

— mecandeter

commenting on the Sept. 10 Peg McEntee column, "Entitled? Look in the mirror, Mitt"

"I agree, except don't forget, minerals are extracted to build solar panels, too!"

— 1outsider

commenting on the Sept. 18 Tribune editorial, "Energy income: Utah deserves a greater share"

"This proposal is like giving more crack to a group of crack heads."

— ChairmanMauzer

commenting on the Sept. 19 article, "Legislative committee puts Lake Powell pipeline on hold"

"Anyone who bases their vote on who a newspaper endorses has a screw loose anyway."

— Laredo

commenting on the Sept. 20 Public Forum letter, "Trib incoherence," which criticized the newspaper's endorsements

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